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The Study of the Effect on Improving the State of Sub-health by Aerobics under Intensive Teaching in Female Students

Author WangSuQin
Tutor XiaoGuangLai
School Beijing Sport University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Aerobics Strengthen teaching Sub Female students Experimental study
CLC G831.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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As society progresses, people gradually accelerated pace of life, especially college students learning pressure, the employment outlook is not optimistic, resulting in in-school health groups increased. In order to change this situation so that students have a healthy physique, and actively adapt to the reality and the future of social pressure and competition, we conducted the following experiment teaching activities. This questionnaire was used to screen a certain number of sub groups for female students Aerobics strengthen teaching experiment. By systematically testing, statistical analysis of certain sub observed indicators (sub score SRSHS, depression score SDS, anxiety scores SAS, fatigue scores FS-14, the sleep quality score PSQI) changes, research Aerobics strengthen teaching improvement the effect of female college students sub-health state. Experimental results confirm that persist for a longer period of time Aerobics strengthen the teaching, some female students can improve sub-health state, so that part of the population in sub-health population back to healthy populations. Specific changes in the observed indicators are as follows: 1. Screening out female college student health groups by strengthening teaching Aerobics 32.18% return to healthy people, SRSHS average scores decreased by a 54.75 ± 14.64 to 44.14 after the experiment ± 13.75. 2. Aerobics strengthen teaching female students can effectively reduce the level of depression health groups, the experimental group by the SDS scores average dropped to 17.98 ± 8.15 after the experiment 12.66 ± 7.11. 3. Aerobics strengthen teaching can effectively relieve mental fatigue, reflecting the overall fatigue scores of FS-14 average, the experimental group consists of 6.21 ± 3.02 before the experiment after experiment decreased to 4.31 ± 3.05, notably the reaction of brain fatigue index MF-6's average by 1.83 ± 1.31 before the experiment after experiment decreased to 0.88 ± 1.37. 4. Aerobics strengthen teaching female students can effectively improve the quality of sleep health groups. Especially the self-feeling significantly improved subjective sleep, sleep latency is much shorter, habitual sleep efficiency increased significantly during the day due to sleep disorders affect learning possibilities greatly reduced. Sleep quality index reflects the average level of PSQI scores, the experimental group from the pre-test decreased to 6.29 ± 2.07 after the experiment of 3.97 ± 1.78. 5. Aerobics strengthen teaching female students health groups did not reduce levels of anxiety and physical fatigue sense, we can not extend the duration of sleep.

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