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Research on Awareness and Dissemination of Information Technology in VANET

Author LiuZuo
Tutor WangXinHua
School Shandong Normal University
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Vehicle ad hoc networks Information awareness Distribution Statistics Routing
CLC TN929.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In recent years, with the rapid development of network communication and the mature ofwireless communication technology gradually, mobile phones, PDA, digital cameras and otherminiaturized portable devices spread rapidly because of the advantages of can be interconnectedwithout pc’s transit. At the same time, more and more vehicle wireless equipments and thecorresponding wireless communication standards have been proposed as vehicles is an importantpart of people’s life, which make directly communicate mutually of vehicles and roadsideinfrastructure (Access Point) possible, thus forming a vehicle self-organizing network VANET(Vehicular Ad-hoc NETwork).Because of it’s the mobile applications of self-organizing networkon road, VANET also have the characteristics and transmission problems that other mobile adhoc networks do not have ,the features of autonomy、unfixed structure、multi-hop routing、dynamic changes of network topology, limited capacity of network, good scalability, theindividual characters of narrow roads, high-density distribution of node, high-speed mobile ofnode and other directly affects the information performance of VANET transmission[1,2].How to awareness and distribution effectively of information is a key issue which affect theperformance of vehicle self-organizing network, It determines the medium vehicle node andtransmission delay through the packet from source node to destination node. Experiments showthat the success transmission rate of packets is less than 50% and delay jitter severely if use thetraditional routing protocols in VANET, the research of information’s awareness anddissemination technology has become an important issue in vehicle ad hoc networks[3].In this paper, we analysis variety routing protocols thoroughly in the environment ofVANET on the basis of careful analysis of VANET’s characteristics、research content andchallenges .Currently the routing proposed for ad hoc network roughly consists of active routingprotocol, on-demand routing protocol, Hierarchical routing protocol, routing protocol based ongeographic information four major categories, some of the improved algorithms improvenetwork performance through combining several schemes. This paper made some innovative scientific research through systematic study of routing protocols in vehicle ad hoc networks, andget the location of the node, neighbors and road topology information via the GPS system in thepremise of vehicle has certain social behavior and topology changes frequently, the following isthe main content:1. Analyzed the application status of the vehicle self-organizing network in the field of roadtraffic, brief summarized the characteristics of VANET and the challenges of messagetransmission faced.2. Described the various routing protocols in VANET environment in detail, and analyzedthe research status and deficiencies of information’s awareness and distribution in vehicle ad hocnetworks.3. For the problems of previous algorithms are more difficult to establish spatial modelaccurately and less consider the regularity characteristic of social behavior, a regularity statisticalscheme based on the historical behavior of vehicles was proposed, including nodes connectedalgorithm calculating the connectivity between vehicles, topological overlap algorithmcalculating the number of periods between the source node and destination node two parts.4. Proposed a historical behavior statistic routing (HBSR) algorithm based on the historicalbehavior statistic of vehicles, network environment was divided into AP non-participation andthe APs participation two status, and a large files data download scheme was proposedin the case of APs participation.5. Compared with several typical routing algorithms on one simulation platform, it provesthat HBSR algorithm could find news forwarding paths more effectively, reduce messagedelivery delay obviously while delivery rate was increased significantly, and performance stablerelatively in VANET by experiments.In conclusion, the article provides effective solution to the key problem of information’sawareness and distribution in vehicle ad hoc networks, which has a certain theoretical meaningand application value for promoting the routing protocol research of vehicle ad hoc networks.

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