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Shipborne Ad Hoc Networks in AIS Applications and Routing Algorithms Explore

Author ZhouZuoChun
Tutor JiangYouFu
School Zhejiang Ocean University,
Course Of Agricultural Information
Keywords Ad Hoc Network AIS Quad-grid model heuristic algorithm
CLC TN929.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the development of society, the use of the computer network is becoming moreand more widespread in our lives, The popularity of handhold terminal, the needs formobile office and the more comfortable network experience, have made the wirelessnetwork more popular. Modern shipping, management, the monitoring by remote sensingand so on, have higher and higher requirements on the network transmission, which causestraditional narrow band networks can no longer meet those demands, so the Ad Hocnetwork which is traditionally used in military applications, is gradually used for civil use.Compared with traditional wireless network, the Ad Hoc network is more convenientwhich do not need using complex repeaters, such as wireless router, wireless AP, becausewhen the Ad Hoc network is working, it uses itself equipments without other tools. Withthe popularization and development of GPS, intelligent management application that becombined with the techniques of Ad Hoc network is always one of the hot spot of socialresearch, such as vehicles and Management System based on vehicular Ad Hoc network,and the safety management with port&channel combined with AIS.The present marine communication, such as digital selective calling (DSC), singlesideband radiotelephone (SSB), satellite search and rescue system (INMARSAT) and so on,given the narrower bandwidth, low stability signal and high cost. The AIS base stationmonitoring system that being large scale installed in various countries today, also has notbeen able to solve the problem of AIS staying in the unidirectional low data rate of9.6kbpstransmission level, and it’s bidirectional communication would also be required with othermeans of technology. Therefore, this paper attempts to introduce Ad Hoc networks intoexisting AIS base station monitoring control system to make it better data forwarding andfurther to use this feature to set up broadband ship-borne mobile AD Hoc networks(SANET). In current research, for the Ad Hoc network routing, many search are similar to themap search, this will lead to search for errors in the Ad Hoc network. The reason for thisresult is limited coverage of the node. Therefore, this paper study on the various types ofrouting protocols in Ad Hoc Networks, and compares and analyses the today’s manystudies of various types of routing protocols, then summed up their respective advantagesand disadvantages. Based on the current outlook study conclude that the use of heuristicalgorithm based on Quad-grid model in Ad Hoc network routing protocols.

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