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Research on Data Aggregation Technologies of WSN

Author ChenZuo
Tutor ZhangYingJiang
School Hubei University of Technology
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords WSN MAC Protocol Data Association Network Simulation
CLC TP212.9;TN929.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Wireless sensor network has the advantages of simply deployed, self-organized,fault tolerance, etc. And it provides convenience for many fields, while at the same time,wireless sensor network is restricted in power energy, computing power, storagecapacity and communications capabilities, so it is also makes the network life cyclebecomes the bottleneck of the widely used of wireless sensor networks. This paper willpropose a new MAC protocol based on priority of fusion, discussing a solution how toreduce the transmission delay, save network energy consumption and improve thenetwork life cycle.First of all,in the background of the development of wireless sensor networks, thispaper describes some concepts of the wireless sensor network and the applicationexamples of wireless sensors, which includes the advantages of wireless sensors, thework pattern of the sensor, the characteristics of wireless sensor networks. Andaccording to the mechanism of communication theory and nodes in wireless sensornetworks, introduces the means of communication for wireless sensor. Then by thedescription of the advantages of wireless sensors, we derive the significance of wirelesssensor networks and large scale, self-organizing, self-organizing line, data-centric andreliability these four major features of the wireless sensor networks.Secondly, this paper studies several commonly data association method andproposes a new association algorithm based on the comprehensive support.Thisalgorithm analyses the comprehensive support between the trace of the observationpoints, and selects the effective data and additional data after classification, then usesthe nearest neighbor correlation algorithm to determine the final data. Matlab simulationresults show that the improved algorithm can reduce latency and improve the accuracyof association.Thirdly, by analyzing the protocol architecture of IEEE802.15.4, the super framewhich is responsible for allocating the slot in network, the MAC frame structure. Byanalyzing the data fusion technology, we define a flag bit which marks the fusion framein the frame header, so when the node receives data frame it can only detect the flag inheader to determine whether it is a fusion frame, based on this, we propose a improved MAC protocol which is based on priority of fusion. The protocol defines two differentpriority data frame, corresponding to the fusion frames and fusion frame. It also definesdifferent contention windows for the two priority of data frame, so it can adjust the backoff time, and achieve the transmission mode according to the two priority importance ofthe data frame. The improved MAC protocol is proved by NS-2simulation that it caneffectively reduce latency and save network energy consumption.

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