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GPS Positioning Technology in Mobile Communication Machine Oil Management Domain Application

Author LiDeFeng
Tutor HuChengQuan; HeLiLi
School Jilin University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Internet of Things Mobile Internet Sensors Generator Sets Emergency Scheduling Resource Management
CLC TN967.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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As the mobile communication network construction, an increasing number of mobilebase stations. The quality of mobile communication networks is becoming an important basisfor the user the choice of operators.Taken due to the base station power supply AC mains into DC power distributionsystem configuration battery way guaranteed, after the interruption of the mains, the basestation AC power to stop all network equipment into a switching power supply battery powersupply, while The base station air conditioning units will be unavailable. Long been theimpact of battery capacity DC power supply, so in order to ensure the base station the normaloperation of the AC mains power failure, must be small mobile generator sets for powergeneration base stations to ensure that the network is working properly.With the growing number of mobile base stations, base station due to power cut powersupply to protect the work is more important, according to incomplete statistics, the provinceeach year the number of total generating more than1,000times, the cumulative generating upto tens of thousands of hours, including power generation, fuel consumption, labor costs,equipment depreciation and other factors the electricity generated by the cost of the provinceof more than10million. Base stations, electricity generation accounted for the importantposition of the power supply and security of wireless networks work.The past, power management, rely on artificial means, including the length of time forthe daily power generation, the number of times, fuel consumption is not a scientific, accuratestatistics, so that the base station power generation is out of control, especially in some areasto take the first generation of tripartite control of the power generation process, powergeneration, energy consumption, so that the base station power management is limited to thepassive state.To further enhance the base station power generation energy management, andmeticulous control of the power generation process, reasonable pay for the electricitygeneration cost of labor, the scientific measurement of power consumption and expenses forthe headquarters of the "Green Action Plan on the network energy-saving work arrangementsand guidance to strengthen the province base station power management, combined with the onstruction of oil machine scheduling system, and provincial corporate network, innovativeositioning and energy consumption monitoring and management of mobile oil machinemplementation of the program.The subject for the settlement of the mobile oil-real-time, dynamic managementroblems, and to provide emergency communications resource scheduling platform,ommand and dispatch of emergency communication resources and real-time, dynamic,ccurate emergency communications resource data will be model instantiation, and applied toractical work. With the Internet of Things technology, meticulous management is reflectedn the work on the management of mobile oil machine. Management through real-time oilachine, the dynamic data of the master, to keep abreast of the status of resources, thevailability and use of resources and detailed process information, combined with themergency dispatch model, enabling emergency command and dispatch with accurate,easible, efficient, and other factors. The one hand, improve the actual performance ofanagement, reduce the cost of the generation of tanker aircraft, especially fuel costs, on thether hand regulate the personnel to operate, the use of details, while improving the level ofmergency command and dispatch, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.The subject at the same time as a business innovation at the China Mobileommunications Corporation was given high priority. And a leading position in the mobileommunications industry. Of things, sensor networks and mobile Internet products,echnologies and theories of management and command and dispatch of emergency resources,nd increased the level of emergency command and dispatch of the entire communicationsndustry has a very far-reaching significance。

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