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Research of Satellite Borne Solid State Memory Technique Based on NAND Flash

Author GongZhanDong
Tutor NaYan; LiuJianBin
School Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Electronics and Communication Engineering
Keywords NAND Flash Embedded computing system Unit of Data Mamorizer Built-In-Test Error Checking&Correction
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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As an important part of the spacecraft electronic system, the performance of thesatellite-borne solid-state memory is connected the success and failure of the spaceflightmission. The satellite-borne solid-state memory do not only complete all functions, but alsoneed to adapt the very bad space environment.In this thesis, combined with the characteristics of the NAND Flash, the automatic accesscontrol function is realized. Based on the technical design of the ECC(error checking andcorrection code), the single event effect in the space application of the satellite borne solidstate memory technique is solved. Based on the testability design of the BIT(Built-In-Test),forthe application of the spacecraft testing in-orbit and fault isolation, the integrated project ofthe Unit of the Data Memorizer and the concrete BIT design is advanced to improve thetestability. For the memory mechanism established in the Unit of Date Memorizer of the cellerasure and writing, used the address mapping table, the bad block management and memorycell backup management are realized, all these can make the system more rapid and flexibleto manage the memory block. The whole structure has the characteristics of small size,modularization, and low power consumption, so that the system can fit the flexibleapplication and constant upgrading.Combining with specific development tasks, this thesis describe how to control and solvethe above issues based on NAND Flash memory technology, and make the technologyavailable in application capability of spacecraft, and research objectives for the NANDFlash-based hardware and software system. The system not only has small size, low powerconsumption, nonvolatile, modular and scalable features, but also realize bad block mappingmanagement of NAND Flash, automatic data loading and reading, anti-interferer of spaceenvironment Effect, automatic test and fault isolation in-orbit. Overall structure of the systemis taken the modular design, so the system can work independently, as well as can beembedded in other equipment as the module. The system can meet the different needs well.

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