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Design and Implementation of Agricultural Environment Dynamic Monitoring and Evaluation Management Information System Based on WebGIS

Author WangLi
Tutor WangYingLong
School Jiangxi Agricultural University,
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Agricultural environment Monitoring Evaluation system WebGIS
CLC TP311.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With world population growth and industrialization process accelerating, resultingin the sudden drop in the level of human living environment, so the origin of agriculturalproducts production environment conditions, edible agricultural products qualityproblems were promoted to an unprecedented degree of attention.The use of informationtechnology and the scientific method to determine the production area suitable forgrowing crops, combined with agricultural environment automatic monitoring methodand the origin of agricultural products quality safety evaluation of grading and warningdecision, were ensure the edible security of agricultural products.Due to the agriculturalenvironment including farmland soil, agricultural irrigation water, atmosphere and soforth, they are environmental resources which have strong spatial and temporalvariability.Therefore, with the aid of WebGIS technology and agricultural environmentrelated models, accurately unified management of all resources for agriculturalenvironment, were the effective means to realize agricultural resources effective controland utilization, helps to agricultural environment real-time monitoring management andcontrol of farmland pollution range, provide the edible agricultural products evaluationanalysis of early warning and decision making.With WebService technology to achievethe interoperability of different GIS platforms or GIS systems in integration and sharingof heterogeneous, massive, distributed spatial information and related applicationservices.Use a variety of professional and industry space data, space applications can beintegrated to work together to reduce the cost of spatial information data andhigh-resolution remote sensing image applications, greatly improve the applicability andreusability of the system.In order to ensure the safety of agricultural environmental dataand spatial data in the system database, combined with RBAC technology to grantdifferent functional competence, scientific and effective protect the security of thesystem.This topic is based on the “agricultural environment monitoring and evaluationmanagement information system”, conduct a thorough investigation and study onresearch area, combined with statistically relevant expertise for sampling design,anomaly detection and process sampling data, get accurate reasonable farmland soil,irrigation water, atmosphere environment monitoring data.Using Oracle10g databasemanagement software to build agricultural comprehensive environmental database,choose SuperMap as WebGIS software secondary development platform, establishflexible, customizable evaluation models and early warning models, on the basis of theintegration of existing agricultural resources data and information platforms, integratedand developed agricultural environment dynamic monitoring and evaluation management information system which based on WebGIS and have high level of security and fullyfunctional.Implementation of agricultural soil, irrigation water, atmosphere, three kindsof environmental data real-time monitoring and controling, by importing or sharing ofenvironmental data, environmental quality evaluation results can be dynamicallygenerated.Improve the previous pure static query monitoring data of agriculturalenvironmental quality monitoring system of single function structure.For rational,scientific, efficient agricultural producing area environmental quality evaluation providesa new technical support, strengthen agricultural environment evaluation decision supportand increase the science and efficiency of the decision-making, has high application anddissemination value.The research content mainly includes the following aspects:(1)Survey sampling points and sampling designs, combined with the spatialvariability of soil, irrigation water and atmospheric environment monitoring data in theresearch area for statistical analysing and exception handling, uniformly and normativelydigital preprocessing environmental data, get standard accurate inventory data Toimprove the precision and accuracy of monitoring data, provide data for monitoring andevaluation assurance.(2) Access to a variety literatures of farmland soil, irrigation water, atmosphereenvironmental quality standards and soil background value. Research domestic andabroad farmland environmental quality monitoring and evaluation study achievement,related to the evaluation of the environmental quality standards and warningdecision-making method as a reference. Design and custom environmental qualityassessment and early warning models applicable to edible agricultural productsproducing area, carry out subject thesis research and system development work..(3) Design and implementation of agricultural environment dynamic monitoringand evaluation management information system based on WebGIS, realize spatial dataintegration and sharing, release and regularly update and manage agriculturalenvironment monitoring data; Implementation of farmland environment dynamicmonitoring data statistical analysis, environmental assessment and early warningdecision making, finally through thematic map visualization space display. System canwell meet the requirements of the agricultural environment monitoring and evaluationbusiness, for agricultural producing area environmental quality evaluation and earlywarning, etc do a thorough research.

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