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Education is how to deal with narcissistic people ?

Author JiangYaLi
Tutor GaoDeSheng
School Nanjing Normal University
Course Moral Education
Keywords Narcissism Public domain Selfish Community Public nature
CLC G410
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Is no stranger to the emergence of the word \it? paper argues that narcissism is a fascination is its own criteria and standards as a measure of everything in the world. Has certain historical roots of the formation of narcissism, it is in humans to get rid of the shackles of God and theology, obtained on the basis of independence and freedom, and self-centered in the modern sense of self-liberation and self-assertive, driven by an extreme performance. One of the most significant characteristics of the blind trust and love, the same trust and love, and self-love and self-confidence but there are essentially different. Narcissist self extreme concern has inevitably led to some of the consequences, the first generation of narcissism led to the untimely death of the public world. The narcissist from the public domain, and return to their own private realm, resulting in the death of a public space; narcissist eyes only themselves, only care about their own interests, became a citizen of an enemy. Second, narcissism is the cornerstone of selfishness, and selfishness is generated on the basis of the narcissistic, narcissistic deepening the narcissist inevitably slide egoist. As a special group of people - young students, living in a culture of narcissism, it is difficult to escape the impact of this culture, and the addition to cultural factors, narcissistic generation of young students have their special foundation first asking the era of individuality, the misunderstanding of the students' understanding of personality; followed by the four-family model \spoiled. The school is a focus of concern in the community, a place to develop socially talent, but whether you can escape the the narcissistic storm brought disaster? Answer is not satisfactory. The reason for this are many: the first performance of the school itself has a narcissistic nature; students in the school as a transit point to achieve personal goals, is own successful harvest a means; teachers in the teaching process inevitably has since Love the tendency. Have to admit that the school became created narcissist places. For this phenomenon in schools, the education must play its leading role in order to ease the narcissistic, first educate people out of the self-re self-understanding; Secondly, it should be reconstructed to the public nature of education, the teachers and students to cultivate public spirit in action and the ability of public life; Finally, students \

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