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The Educational Significance of "Ninie" Activity in Badi

Author SangLangWengMu
Tutor BaDengNiMa
School Sichuan Normal University
Course Principles of Education
Keywords Traditional culture 尼涅activities Meaning of Education
CLC G527
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The real education is designed to meet the survival and living needs of the people, and is conducive to the development of human society, and promote the building of a harmonious society. Has a certain gap in of Jiarong Tibetan school education with the reality of community life, the school learned not sufficient locals to get a better life, and school education from the national culture, the locals insufficient understanding of the culture of the nation and unclear can not well agree with the school. Focus of education in schools and the Mainland, the pursuit of enrollment quotas, the pursuit of life from rural to urban, which lead to school education less effective national inferiority of students in the school. Over time, people began to blind pursuit of modern urban life, gradually ignore the traditional culture of the nation. Children book knowledge of school education are not closely related with their own lives, The results far behind in mainland students, while the school to occupy children most of the time, shorten the time of the contacts and understanding of national traditional culture of the children in the family and community, the result is both can not catch up with the children in the Mainland, they lost their own and some of the characteristics. , This study intends to become one of the main research directions in educational anthropology environment to talk about education from a cultural Jiarong traditional cultural activities, educational content, and try to draw attention to the cultural activities of all ethnic groups in the long history of inherited tradition. not just a traditional culture is rich educational content, the cultural heritage of the process is a process of education, this process achieved through a variety of activities or ceremonies, more suitable for the national members, their children are more likely to accept and master . \The content of the activities, processes, etc. embodies the common values ??of the local people, ethical standards, as well as the formation of the customs and traditional culture behavior. After this study in the Summary of the previous research, the first from the natural environment, social environment, spiritual environment introduced \\The purpose of education and educational content. Alienation, the last part of the face of all kinds of education to reflect on the current education, summed up the education process should belong to the person's life, education can not be separated from human life, moral education should be more to encourage people to moral self-discipline, rather than mandatory inculcate moral education. National education reform in recent years to promote the development of the local curriculum and school-based curriculum, classroom source of introduction of the traditional culture of the people of the value of life, traditional culture has been more and more attention. Bit by bit starting from the traditional culture itself, which educational content to dig, and try to explain the operation of traditional cultural activities and extend the laws to fit the educational process of the national production and living needs of the special education process is rooted in people's lives human society condensation from within a hair's education, value and be able to better understanding of the national culture. Help people better protection of traditional culture and heritage, but a deep understanding of the true meaning of education.

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