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On Education Norm

Author ZuoYong
Tutor LiJiangYuan
School Sichuan Normal University
Course Principles of Education
Keywords Specification Educational norms Function Validity
CLC G40-011.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Educational specifications education as a logical starting point for directions or instruct the system to adjust the relationship with each other and the behavior of the actors in the field of education, and a control system in the field of education or means. As a control system, the educational standards in the face of rapid social change, and gradually lost its function it should have led to a series of educational unnatural phenomena. The key to solve this kind of education Abnormality is that the reconstruction of a the effectiveness of the education system of norms or system. The second chapter, an overview of the educational norms. This chapter focuses on the educational nature of the specification properties, and first, respectively, from the perspective of semantics and academic point of view to explore some of the properties of the specification. And on this basis, this article Education specification is defined as: education as the logical origin, has a certain universality and stability by certain substances and mental strength to protect the directions or instructions system. Chapter III, the specification of the function of education. The specification of the function of education is the influence and role of educational norms as an indication or instruct the system to various education actors and educational development. A variety of analysis perspective on education normative function, this paper examined from the perspective of the body functions and title of functional education standard functionality. Body function, education norms function is due the education specification itself determined by the structure of its influence and role in the behavior of the actors in the educational life, specifically, has four functions: first, to determine the boundaries education specifications provide a clear pattern of behavior for actors to determine the role boundaries and ideological boundaries, the boundaries of behavior as well as the relationship between the boundaries; Second, the formation of the order of education, educational norms are a powerful tool for the formation of the educational order; Third , is expected to provide a stable, norms of education is a shared public knowledge expected of each other's behavior, which can make intercourse subjectivity; fourth, to ensure the freedom of education, educational standards from interference by setting the \to ensure the realization of the negative freedom of education, on the other hand, by setting a point to \In the title of functional level specification of the function of education is the education of specification by the behavior of the actors in the educational life resulting impact on the educational activities and development and the role specifically, two functions: first, to promote the development of education, educational norms through mitigation, and resolve conflicts of education so as to promote the development of education; Second, the promotion of human development, provide environmental education norms for human development, education norms on human development specification requirements; norms of education is to develop an intermediary. The fourth chapter, effective educational specification standards. Educational specifications should be contingent level has more features, but not all of the educational norms are bound to be able to achieve the above functions. Well only educational specifications to meet the following standards or elements ought functions: first, to reflect the pattern of interests in education;, reflecting the values ??of mainstream education; comply with the traditional education; fourth, in line with the education power structure.

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