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Graphics files management system based on FC-SAN

Author YangYi
Tutor ZhangFengLi; CaiBo
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Graphic files Network storage system FC-SAN Spring frameworkjBPM workflow
CLC TP311.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the rapid development of information technology and enterprise businessdevelopment, the amount of data generated by the enterprise in the production processincrease rapidly, more and more data is digitized, electronic and stored into thecomputer system. The part of the business of our enterprise is designing and producingthe securities, trademarks, medals and commemorative coins and so on. During theseproducts designed and produced, a lot of graphics files data are processed. So, thegraphic files storage has become a concerned issue. These graphic files are usually thevector files and its size is very large, so storage management system is different fromthe regular shared files storage management system,and, there are many problems forordinary files storage management system, such as safety, efficiency, user privilege andfacilitate use, so they are not suitable for graphic files storage management. In addition,the document storage management software on the market can not meet therequirements of the enterprise’s business processes too. Therefore, we need to developour graphic files storage management system for the enterprise business requirements.The subject discussed the development of graphic files storage managementsystem in detail from the storage hardware and software two aspects. Throughanalyzing the advantages and disadvantages among the technology of three mainstreamnetwork storage systems, DAS, NAS, and SAN, the storage system solution is givenfor this subject. The subject adopts FC-SAN technology as the storage hardwareplatform, and builds an integrated FC-SAN storage system which provides terabytemass storage space. On software aspect, the subject uses the Spring lightweightframework as the software framework, uses the jBPM technology as the subject’sbusiness workflow engine, and at last develops graphical file storage managementsystem on the B/S structure.The main functions of the graphic files storagemanagement system includes storing a large amounts of graphic files, fast uploadingbatch and large graphic files, accessing the system by cross-platform user client(windows and Mac OS),the approval process workflow of uploading, downloading,publishing and checking files,the allocation of user privileges management; work delegating, and so on. These system functions meet the requirements of the businesscompletely.This thesis, firstly, introduces the research background, significance, the content ofresearch work and the related technology. Secondly, drawes the subject requirementsanalysis report, including both functional and non-functional requirements analysis.Finally, provides the solution of the system, the overall design and detailed design ofthis system, and on this basis, gives the specific process of the system implementationand testing. In the end of this thesis, summarize the content of the work and put forwardnext work direction of the theme.

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