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The Research of Television Programs for Women in the Era of Three Networks Integration

Author XuBin
Tutor LiShaoLan
School Jiangxi Normal University
Course Art of Design
Keywords Female Female TV Column Brand Strategy Triple play
CLC G222.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In recent years, the development of the socialist market economy, promote the media industry characteristics more depth excavated, many management concepts were introduced to the television industry, the brand strategy is no exception. The development of the Internet, 3G mobile phones, microblogging and other media, a new network communication platform for the dissemination of content such as text, images, audio, video, and with the growing trend of diversification of the media market-oriented, promoting a second intermediate crossover and fusion. At the same time, the era of triple play in the 21st century, will lead the female TV Column evolving brand model. At this stage, the female TV section has been started in the booming stage. Female part as one of the medium for the transmission of information in the age of information such expansion, the emergence of the major channels of different types of female TV Column makes the most of the female TV Column submerged in a sea of ??women the TV Column continue development tide them. The implementation of the brand strategy is particularly important. Especially in the era of the triple play, the implementation of brand strategy will be directly related to the development of female TV Column. For triple play era female the TV Column brands strategy, I thinking part of women for the era of triple play TV brand strategy, combined with triple play era female TV column positioning segmentation strategy to analyze the evolution of the concept of social women , stressed that the era of triple play female TV Column brands to focus on personalized communication, face up to the importance of integration of brand strategy and integrated approach. I study female TV Column brand strategy at the same time, trying to discover the inherent law of the triple play of the context of the times, the female TV Column brand strategy. I mainly integrated use of a variety of research methods of analysis, comparative law, and case law. The articles refer to a large number of Chinese literature on brand and brand created academic research and cutting-edge dynamic, combined with contemporary famous female TV Column brand strategy research, using qualitative and quantitative analysis method made empirical research and comparative studies. Based on the characteristics of the new media in the era of triple play, the study the female TV part of the brand strategy, and the conclusion is that the problems that exist in the current female TV Column brand building and come up with strategies and methods.

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