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Analysis on Development Present Situation and Influencing Factor of Ansai Waist Drum Sports

Author MaHongWei
Tutor LiuZhiHong
School Hebei Normal
Course Physical Education Teaching
Keywords Ansai waist drum origin present situation influencing factor
CLC G852.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Ansai waist drum is spreads north Shanxi Province area Ansai County’s one tradition folk square sports items, it is the dance, the folk song, the martial arts, gymnastics, the attack plays music is a body artistic form, most has the representation in the North Shanxi folk folk custom art. It has the glorious historical development, after the concentrated expression North Shanxi people have obtained the abundant harvest and the victory joyful mood, has integrated the loess person simple and honest simple, the optimistic upward disposition, is the Yellow River culture important component. Several thousand year social development history, enabled Ansai waist drum function to have the earth-shaking change no longer as the military equipment constituent, war’s function danger. Present’s Ansai waist drum already became the resident rich culture life the important component, becomes the people to strong and healthy body, the rest and recreation holiday celebration’s important means. Ansai waist drum projects on the city from the countryside, from the Loess Highlands to the great river north and south, from the peasant family yard to Tiananmen, from arranges as self-directed as the television screen, steps onto the world from North Shanxi’s poor ravine the podium, has conquered the world by its exquisite art, being possible be called“China one certainly”. Along with social economy’s development, the international economic civilization exchange is also getting more and more close, urges people’s ideological concept to renew fast unceasingly, this tendency will certainly to cause our country tradition the non-material cultural heritage project to be under the violent impact, the massive outstanding cultural heritage is draining day after day and withers away, some senior entertainers leave the world cause the alone gate unique skill to face are being lost with the danger which exterminates. Ansai waist drum most can manifest the loess culture as North Shanxi folk custom art to love to talk about by the people, praises to the heavens, more and more was known very well by the common people. Under this situation, discusses Ansai waist drum origin and the evolution, the development present situation and the existence question, analyzes its influencing factor, based on this and proposed that promotes the Ansai waist drum better development target-oriented reasonable countermeasure and the suggestion, then becomes the question which a physical culture worker’s important research area and urgently awaits to be solved. This article through the investigation and the analysis, draws the following conclusion:1.the drum is one kind pulls out the log or becomes with the wooden staff band tubular (doliform), middle slightly thick, two slightly thin, in two side Mongolia the sheepskin or the cowhide take the drum surface, hangs in the waist, will strike with the wooden hammer plays will make the clear sound one kind of musical instrument. Ansai this well-loved place has bred Ansai waist drum bright civilization with the blood and the fire price, simultaneously also because of drum, but is known far and wide.2.Ansai culture of our country is in the folk custom culture in a unique, retain the most complete, the most representative one of the regional culture. Public opinions are divergent. Its historical origins, which are more representative of three different ways, one," labor"; second," war"; thirdly," the witch doctor".3. Ansai drum with the development of history, it is a unique art form will play and reflect more fully, it will reflect the multidimensional nature of art system more perfect, its unique art and the spirit of the times will become more integrated, Ansai drum with its unique and exquisite art walk out of loess ground on both sides of the Changjiang River, trend the whole world.4. the Ansai waist drum this tradition folk art, has become Ansai and the North Shanxi person’s pride, is symbolizing one kind of honor. The local resident is craves to the drum, likes and anticipates Ansai waist drum performance frequently; Ansai waist drum in the locality is a popular degree quite high traditional cultural activity project, has the good prospects for development and the mass base.5. teaches the instruction, the school study, the vacation through own person of father’s generation brothers to train, the friend to exchange is the Ansai local resident obtains the drum technique the essential way; The Ansai County major part waist drummer studies the drum skill the time to be short, some does not even have specially the systematic study drum technique, therefore its technology only pauses in the primary level, this to Ansai waist drum popularization and the dissemination is extremely disadvantageous; At present Ansai waist drum propaganda mainly by the school teaching, the competition performs, the government to propagandize, ways and so on media propaganda primarily. the 6. government’s value degree, the cultural industry’s development is prosperous, the ideological recognition and the value idea’s change, the traveling industry develops, introduces Ansai waist drumthe school sports teaching is unceasingly affects the major effect factor which Ansai waist drum develops, and disseminates the very important function regarding Ansai waist drum in the North Shanxi even broader area scope’s popularization.

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