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Design and Implementation of CAN-FlexRay Gateway Based on μC/OS-Ⅲ

Author ZuoTianYu
Tutor QinGuiHe
School Jilin University
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords CAN FlexRay gateway μC/OS-Ⅲ
CLC TP273.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Along with social progress and the development of science and technology, cars bring usmore and more passion and dream, along with the automobile intelligent and high demandson performance of vehicle safety, vehicle bus for automobile safety and human-vehicleinteraction seems more and more important. Compared to the traditional mechanical controlsystem, intelligent vehicle driving experience with the development of automotive electronicshas made substantial progress. And compared to the traditional mechanical control system,electronic energy saving control system in improving fuel efficiency, driving experience,security, and so has a great advantage. As the application of electronic devices in the vehiclecontrol system features more and more, provide deterministic and fault tolerant features ofcommunication links has become particularly important.CAN bus network was launched with the90’s of the last century in the context of theapplication. With the increased complexity of electric control system, people began todiscover CAN bus bandwidth and lack of predictability. So the big OME manufacturersgradually began to develop new buses to replace the CAN bus. In numerous FlexRay busreplacement stand out. Although in the short term will not fully replace the FlexRay bus CANbus. FlexRay compared with the CAN bus can reduce complexity, and provide more costeffective solutions, and more bandwidth and a built-in fault tolerance capabilities. Predictably,of technology maturity and cost reduction with the FlexRay bus, FlxeRay bus will replace theapplication of CAN bus in the car. But at this stage there is a communications network tomeet car bus cost, cost, throughput, real-time performance and complex performancerequirements. So the bus for some time in the future is the coexistence of a variety of networkconditions.Improve the safety performance of vehicles in addition to enhancing the precision of linecontrol system, robustness of vehicle bus system also cannot be ignored. In order to both realtime and forwarding efficiency, proposed and underμC/OS-Ⅲ system implements a methodbased on multi-CAN-FlexRay gateway queue.The main contents of this article are as follows:(1) described the vehicle bus, gateway, real-time embedded system development ofrelated technology, analysis, realization of the car CAN-FlexRay on the necessity andfeasibility of application interface of the gateway.(2) details the bus network with in-vehicle design and implementation of gatewayinterface. Introduced the mobile gateway hardware platform with μC/OS-Ⅲ systemtransplant-related operations. And on this basis were discussed about car-oriented gateway hardware design for CAN, FlexRay network interfaces forwarding/gateway algorithms andspecific software components

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