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Research and Application on Security Authentication Technologies in Internet of Things

Author MaWenJie
Tutor ShiBing;HongZhiMin
School Shandong University
Course Computer technology
Keywords information security cryptography Internet of things security authentication authenticated key exchange protocol
CLC TN929.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the development of computers and Internet, the concept of the internet of things came into being, which brought great opportunities and challenges to our informationalized life. Internet of things is a worldwide network which based on mass micro-devices, using the new generation as the backbone, and will be used in traditional and emerging industries. It will be another wave of the global information technology industry, following the computer, internet and mobile communication networks, which will bring great opportunities and challenges to the high-speed information life. Accordingly, the security problem, especially authentication problem, the foundation of the running of the whole Internet of things, is one of the key issues in the present study which has a very important practical significance.According to the analysis of the Internet of things’ structure and authentication protocols, we research the authentication of the Internet of things. In summary, we discuss the authentication problem between server and node, node and terminal, and terminal and terminal. The innovation points of this paper are as follows:(1) An authenticated key exchange protocol based on the public key cryptosystem is proposed, which can solve the security communication problem between server and node. This protocol can be used for designing the middle devices of secure hub, sensor gateway, RFID sensor. In the process of using these devices, In addition to traditional Internet capabilities,it is also able to correctly perform authentication and key agreement protocols with the server, transmiting data safely.(2) In view of the terminals’ shortcomings of low memory and computing power in the Internet of things, an efficient mutual password authentication protocol is presented.We implement an entrance guard system in the Internet of things under the environment of FPGA, so that the security features of the protocol has been verified. Meanwhile,this protocol can also be used in networking devices of medical, environmental monitoring, smart home and other areas.(3) We propose a point-to-point authentication and security communication protocol, which can make up the shortcoming of conventional p2p authentication. Through simulation and testing by a variety of tools, the whole program reached the expected safety results efficiently.Our work solves the problems in similar products, such as too simple design of remote control, easy to copy, the key can not be modified, and inconvenient to carry.Actually, the safety issue of the internet of things is very broad, which has a large number of technical problems to be resolved. We researched only part of the key authentication technology, including the safety certifucation issues between the server and node, the node and terminal, and the terminal and terminal in summary. This paper put forward new authentication protocols for various security models, which were obtained through the in-depth analysis of a variety security needs of the internet of things.

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