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The Research and Implementation of Simulation Platform about SNMP-based Network Equipment

Author ZhouMingLei
Tutor LuoXuBin
School Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Equipment Simulation Network Management SNMP MIB Network Management Agent
CLC TP393.05
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid development of Internet, the type and the number of equipment is increasing. The size, the structure and the function of the computer network is more and more numerous in currently, so that it has been all over the political, economic, military, science and technology, and life in all areas of human activity, It also has a profound influence and impact on the social development, the production structure as well as people’s daily life. It influences our work and life by the way of that the device damage of network will reduce or ever lead to a paralysis of it. Therefore, monitoring the performance status of network devices is more and more important, and there are also more and more growing demand for network management and development projects about network management.But in the majority of network projects, especially those large-scale NMS (Network Management System) who must manage hundreds of hosts, servers, routers and so on, making a large number of money to purchase all network equipments which be used to formated development environment is unrealistic. Therefore, in order to shorten the development, testing and training cycles and reduce capital investment, we need to use the software to simulate the network environment in the process of developing, testing, selling and training NMS.In the current market, although AdventNet and other professional companies have developed such a simulation software, such as Adventnet Simulator, SNMP Agent Builder, but they are not sold separately and only development platform as a whole part of the package. So It is no need for us to buy the bulky, expensive development platform just in order to get the simulation software. Moreover, the function of these simulation softwares is so simple that it,s not enough to the various needs of testing NMS:First, the current simulation softwares do not support batch simulation, therefore each node in a network simulation software requires re-boot configuration; Second, the devices simulate can not use single-port. if you want to manage them in NMS, you need to enter their respective IP and Port. And even these devices can not be found by the NMS who only support the default 161 port; Third, the current simulation softwares can only simulate a limited type of device, we need a variety of softwares to simulate a variety of network equipments; Fourth, the current simulation softwares do not allow multiple users to share use. This article is based on the situation and the needs of the actual project, trying to solve the difficult problem of building the test environment of NMS.Firstly, according to "modular" design thought, we designes the general and extensible architecture of the simulation platform. And in the design, we give full consideration to the needs of scalability, platform independence, ease and so on, so comparing with Adventnet Simulator that is the industry’s leading product and other products, the platform has outstanding advantages in design, structure and adaptability. Summarized as follows:(1) Batch simulating network device. When we simulate a large number of network devices with this method, the user can avoid useless duplication of operations.(2) Simulation many types of network devic. It can avoid switching between a variety of simulation software.(3) Automatically obtain and fill MIB data from the real device.(4) Shared simulation. The architecture of this platform has used master/ slave two-agent model, so that it can adapt to B/S, C/S deployment method. This method can meet many people shared sinulation.(5) All simulation devices communicate with manager through 161 port. It ensures that All simulation devices can be found by NMS.Secondly, we implement the platform core Function with the java language, and validate the feasibility of architecture through the result obtained;Finally, this paper points out the deficiencies in the simulation of network devices and the prospect to this area.

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