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The Phone-based Handwriting Input System of the Uighur

Author AiKeBaiEr·MaiTuNuRe
Tutor WangLianPing
School Jilin University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Uighur handwriting input software mobile application
CLC TP391.14
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In recent years, with phone and Internet technology has matured, more and more peoplewill look transferred from PC to mobile smart devices, global high-end smart phones are therapid growth of more than100percent per year,"mobile" and "smart "terminals have been thegeneral trend.Meanwhile, with the computer recognition technology matures, the handwriting inputsystem software at home and abroad have been in full swing, based on the handwriting inputsoftware for PCs, mobile phones, PDAs and other devices have matured from thedevelopment. However, the handwriting input software applications of Uighur in Xinjiang hasyet to mature, the input is still basically in the use of the keyboard encoder input, handwritingrecognition research remains to be further in-depth. Xinjiang’s political, economic, andcultural factors as regional ethnic autonomy, and the last two years the State to strengthen theprotection of software intellectual property policy and for the development of minoritylanguage software products to provide a broad market prospects, and promote the newinterface of the Uighur enter the system software research and development.The purpose of this paper is to study and realization of the input and output into thesystem to complete the identification function, the input is a collection of user input strokes(more accurate strokes of the Uighur character or syllable collection), the output of the systemis Uighurtext characters in Unicode encoding, the purpose of this paper is to achieve theconversion from the user’s input to final output.This primarily involves two key issues:①Uighur character recognition: a group ofUighur strokes of the user input information to be given it to match into a Uighur charactersmatch. The②Uighur symbol segmentation problem: the solution to this problem is todetermine which strokes will be combined to identify. To do a collection of the division of agiven stroke input final division Uighur strokes subset of, and were grouped into one to beidentified Uighur symbol, the input of the system is a collection of strokes (symbol orsyllable), the output of the transformation is based on a relationship between the compositionof a Uighur alphabet symbols.This study and use each other to combine the ideas of statistical and structural pattern recognition to solve the online identification of the Uighur Uighur single characterrecognition research breakthrough point to commence the study on this basis, the expansion tomodify and supplement the identification of the Uighur common syllable. Uighur characterset characters to128characters in the form, can be character-based identification method,although a small number of Uighur character set, but the general statistical pattern recognitionmethods can not be due to its unique shaped the text features and word formation rules makesbetter identification, such as a large number of similar Uighur alphabet.This paper first introduces the research background and the practical application ofprospects, then combine the characteristics of handwriting input software provides a briefintroduction the the Uighur information processing theory, and then described in detail theUighur pen input recognition system implementations, including the Uighur characterrecognition detailed technical and Uighur symbol segmentation technology. Last describedthe technology of the embedded system development, and then select the experimental indexand design some experiments, the experimental data obtained is analyzed by the experimentalfindings with a certain reference value, and performance analysis system implemented in thisarticle. Finally a brief introduction the demonstration system, including input recognitionsystem based on smart phones and PC-based assisted training modules and generation moduleand so on.

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