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The Elementary School Mathematics Computational Estimate Teaches with Study the Practice Research

Author ZhangMinLing
Tutor GuoHuaGuang
School Guangzhou University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords Primary school Mathematics computational estimation computational estimation sense computational estimation skills teaching Practice
CLC G623.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the proliferation of computers, the calculation of the required social is changing using pen and paper in some areas carry out complex calculations will be mitigated and reduced, replaced by a people on the proper choice of calculation method and the proper calculation of the results of computational estimation. Thereby bringing new issues of mathematics teaching - computational estimation teaching and learn of practice research.China’s compulsory education implemented the new curriculum reform, first time as a learning one of the computational estimation, and yearly computational estimation of the specific requirements set out in paragraph. Primary school computational estimation include computational estimation of elementary sense, computational estimation skills problem solving by the use of computational estimation ability in three areas, and computational estimation of sense, computational estimation skills and number sense of strength level is closely related. With the results of previous studies, this article from two perspectives of teachers and students, from the level of number sense, computational estimation sense, computational estimation skills in three areas to design appropriate test questions, studied and analyzed the computational estimation teaching status of Yuexiu District primary school mathematics teaching and learning the status of the study can draw the following conclusions:Of teachers:1. More than 82% of teachers integer number sense is better, but only 35% the of teachers fraction number sense is better.2.60% of the teachers lack knowledge of the estimated correlation of the ontology, reason 1. teacher’s subject main body knowledge degenerates gradually creates.2. Computational estimation as a new set of teaching content, since the state to the district-level teaching and research departments are not specialized interdisciplinary training, so the teacher on the estimation of the relevant knowledge is not fully grasp. 3. The relatively weak sense of teacher computational estimation. Although teachers in the life experience of the accumulation of a large number of computational estimation, but most are silent knowledge or unconscious behavior, Not comprehensive and correct understanding of the value computational estimation, so a strong awareness of teacher computational estimation.Of students1. A number sense of adjustment range is less better than A number sense of adjustment range is great.2. With the expansion of the number of awareness, the number sense of students being significantly enhanced, for ability to computational estimation the development laid a good foundation.3. Computational estimation of a students is the weak sense.The teaching material is teaches and study the carrier, through the investigation, the computational estimation teaching system which the teaching material arranges imperfect, the theme is narrow, the appraisal system incomplete and so on factors restricted the practice teaching which estimated that the flaw which the teaching material arranged are causing the estimate to teach with study to lose the concrete backing. Synthesizes the above conclusion, absorbs the domestic and foreign existing theory achievement, Based on this understanding the teaching material is important carrier that teaches and study, this research proposed for the primary school mathematics computational estimation teaching in the theory and the practice suggestion, and has constructed the elementary school computational estimation teaches with study the system, this system by "understanding number—raise number sense—study computational estimation" the teaching master line, the spiral loop, key prominent knowledge’s around links up, provides the reference for the teaching practice.

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