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The Optimization for Mount Technology of Multi-head Arch Placement Machine with High Precision

Author DongJuanJuan
Tutor NiYuDong
School Hefei University of Technology
Course Applied Mathematics
Keywords Arch placement machine Pick-and-place circles Integratedmathematical model Modified genetic algorithm Modified simulate annealalgorithm
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Against the American universal instrument corporation GSM2multi-headplacement machine with high speed and high precision, through the description forplacement process of arch surface placement machine, this paper at first studies theoptimization of the feeders’ permutation and the optimization of componentsequencing for single-head placement machine, by introducing appropriate0-1decision variables fristly, putting forward a new constraint conditions of placementprocess, establishing a precise and concise mathematical optimization model. Anecessary and sufficient condition excluding the repeated placement situation is givenwhich can generate a feasible solution of original problem from any solution of themathematical model. Then, based on research of the model of single head, anintegrated mathematical model for optimizing the component placement process ofmulti-head placement machine is constructed. Then, according to the mathematicalmodel of multi-head placement, the modified genetic algorithm and the modifiedsimulate anneal algorithm are used respectively to solve the placement of componentsfor arch surface placement machine, then to optimize and compare the algorithms,meanwhile, the advantages and disadvantages of the modified algorithms elaborated.Finally, a simulation experiment with four-head placement machine is conducted,based on one printed circuit board (PCB) which is disigned to place twentycomponents. From the experimental results, this approach using the modifiedalgorithms can possesse quite accuracy and efficiency to resolve the componentplacement sequence problem.

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