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Based on Straight-Line Walking Field Robot Navigation System Research

Author LiuShuangShuang
Tutor XuXiaoDong
School Inner Mongolia University
Course Computer technology
Keywords Embedded Linux Navigation and positioning Angle measurement Distancemeasurement
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the rapid development of robot technology,requirements of robots to replace human work have become increasingly high.Especially in agriculture,requirements of large-scale field operations have also become increasingly high.Different from industrial robot,requirements of agricultural robot working environment is very high.Agricultural robots mainly work in natural scene,which will face many complex and volatile situation.This paper is mainly used for the research of walking field management robot.The work of the field management robot is to complete the job in accordance with the specified path.Field management robots need to monitor the position of the robot.Due to the work environment of field is unique, the work area of the field is generally straight. So this paper designs a based on straight line walking field robot navigation system.According to the need of the field management robot,this paper proposes a global positioning system(GPS),electronic map,three-axis acceleration sensor information and embedded Linux system combined with each other robot navigation system program.The system transplants embedded Linux operating system on ARM9platform,and uses the GPS,three-axis acceleration sensor,LCD monitor with touch screen and other hardware.Robot navigation terminal assist the user to set the path by the distance measurement method and distance calculation method.Robot navigation terminal receives the GPS satellite signals to obtain the current position of the robot by GPS single point positioning technology.Robot navigation terminal obtains robot’s current posture by the three-axis acceleration sensor and the angle measuring principle,compares the received data with the default path,in accordance with the specified path the robot completes driving from the starting point to the target point, at the same time path information is displayed on the electronic map.Firstly,the paper introduces the principle of field robot navigation system and the current situation at home and abroad,and describes the main work of the paper. Then,the hardware and software platform of the system is set up, and the paper makes a analysis of the selection of hardware and software.The paper describes in detail the design and implementation of the system terminal,and gives the methods of navigation and positioning.Finally,the paper gives the experimental data,and analysis.The experimental results show that the system is feasible.

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