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The Design and Implementation of Intelligent Control Systems for Wastewater Treatment Process

Author LiLing
Tutor ZhuXiaoQing
School Hunan University
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords fuzzy PID PLC dissolved oxygen (DO)
CLC TP273.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Currently, the water pollution problem is increasingly serious,appropriate management of sewage has become a problem we have toface, however there are still many shortcomings in sewage treatmentwork in China, only a few of the automatic control systems that havebeen put into operation can work well. Many reasons leading to thissituation, the most important one is that sewage treatment controltechnology and the corresponding control technology do not meet therequirements, so there is very important significance to study on thesewage treatment automatic control system.This paper has discussed the history and development ofcharacteristic and automatic control system, according the overall designprinciple and design method of home computer system at present, itdesigned the automatic control system aiming at the characteristics andcontrol requirements of sewage treatment process in Zhu Zhou waterpond which is as the engineering background.As the dissolved oxygen concentration of the Biochemical treatmentstage can reflect the water pollution degree especially the organicpollution extent during the sewage treatment process, it is very importantto control it. But the oxygen dissolving process presents serious nonlinear,large delay and uncertainty characteristics effected by water quality,temperature, pH value and other factors, it is quit difficult to control theoxygen concentration of dissolved. Combining the fuzzy control with thenormal PID control, this text has used the fuzzy PID control strategy torealize the control of dissolved oxygen concentration, which can adapt thechanges of control system parameters and changes in working conditionsvery well, adjust PID parameter in the random environment, and keepgood control performance at the situation of the controlled object existsdisturbance. And also has done simulation experiment on the DO FuzzyPID control system designed. The simulation results show the Robustnessand effectiveness of the fuzzy PID control strategy, and also show itspopularizing significance.

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