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Research and Design on Wireless Monitoring System for Intelligent and Ecological House

Author ZhangZhenJiang
Tutor YuJunZuo
School Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course Systems Engineering
Keywords Ecological house ZigBee embedded technology BOA Web server CGI
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the rapid development of economy and technology, people put forward higherrequest for housing, not only to realize efficient, convenient and safe smart housing, butalso have to create a healthy, environmental protection, comfortable ecological housing.Therefore, modern housing has to realize intelligent through information technology,moreover to improve the high efficiency of ecological housing through informationtechnology. Based on this background, this paper designed a wireless remote monitoringsystem for intelligence and ecological housing based on ZigBee technology andembedded Web technology.This paper according to the development trend of the house was combined with thecharacteristics of intelligent house and the ecological house, and the wireless remotemonitoring system was built through the application of the embedded technology,wireless technology and network technology. Firstly, embedded Linux developmentenvironment based on ARM9(TX2440) development board was built by the use ofembedded technology, at the same time, Linux kernel transplantation, driversconfiguration, BOA Web server transplantation, embedded database SQLitetransplantation and so on were realized; Secondly, house wireless sensor network basedon the ZigBee technology was built and ZigBee program was designed to realize thecommunication between coordinator and terminal node; Finally, B/S model ofmonitoring system based on internet technology was built, and dynamic interaction ofbrowser and Web server by CGI technology was realized, meanwhile, the design of theSQLite database was completed, and the communication of gateway and coordinatorthrough the SPI program was realized, thereby the monitoring and control of the housewere realized. The subject combined with the characteristics of the intelligent and ecologicalhouse was based on the laboratory of intelligent household, and the system bysimulating the indoor temperature, humidity and dust concentration monitoring andlighting control was researched and designed, finally the monitoring of intelligent andecological house was realized.

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