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The Research on Space Organization and Combination of the Multiplex Cinema Builders

Author GuoYu
Tutor MeiHongYuan
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords multiplex cinema spatial construction type characteristic
CLC TU242.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The theater is the movie culture material carrier, cornerstone which themovie culture can develop, cultural construction which impels the social culturedevelopment. The movie culture development make the brand-new request to thetheater spatial patterns, therefore the difference former multi-audience hallpattern arises.“Multi-halls”of the audience hall bring not only the simple hallcapacity change, also the theater operation way and the spatial constitution ideatransformation. Therefore, the key point of paper how to construct multiplexcinema pattern fitting for the market demand and consummate design of themultiplex cinema the space under the background of the movie culture revive.The paper took the multiplex cinema internal system constitution as thestarting point, carried on the research by regarding multiplex cinema as a unifiedorganic whole.First, the paper carried on the basic analysis to the multiplex cinema spaceconstruction function characteristic through researching on the multiplex cinemadevelopment course, and taking many correlation theories as a backing. Thepaper elaborated successively the contemporary multiplex cinema functioncharacteristic and the primary factors affecting its space construction. The paperproposed the characteristics of contemporary theater“function recombining,choice diversification, capacity rationalization, seeing and hearing comfort”aswell as four concrete application influence factors which are“theater operationway, audience’s behavior of psychology, seeing and hearing environmentspecification and commercial culture atmosphere systemic construction”; At thesame time, the paper inquired theater function spaces from its hypostases, thenproposed basic principles of the multiplex cinema space construction.Next, from the basic analysis foundation, the paper took massive projects asthe information goal, took the multiplex cinema type characteristic as thebreakthrough direction, tried to divide multiplex cinema according to itssynthesis factors such as use nature, construction scale, operation way into threekind of types which are exclusive independent type,sharing and mutual benefittype, and colligate module type to carryon separately analysis. Finally, the paper encompassed above induction and analysis, launched theelaboration to the multiplex cinema concrete design method. By using theresearching techniques of from macroscopic to microscopic, from the whole tothe partial, the paper decomposes multiplex cinema spatial design into“thewhole”,“the group hall”,“the single hall”three design stratification planes, andlaunched the pointed elaboration different principal contradiction of variouslevels.

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