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Study of interpersonal communication and interpersonal social games

Author RanBin
Tutor DengXinMin
School Chongqing Technology and Business University
Course Communication
Keywords Social contacts online games Interpersonal communication Interpersonal Interpersonal relationship
CLC G206
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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As mankind enters the information age, Internet technology development, andalways brings a great impact as human beings and their society. of web2.0appearancecan be called a revolution, the Internet has full access to the Web2.0era. The soul ofWeb2.0is, each individual who is also the publisher of the network information andinterpretation of two roles. Web2.0The core technology is the concept of interactivityis its biggest feature. The social network community which came into being, and todevelop a new communication mode. Equipped with a social gaming networkcommunity, promote and develop this interpersonal model is for this reason its able toaccumulate a large number of participants in a few years, rapid development.Start from the origin, development of social gaming, comparing the similaritiesand differences of social games and online games and web games, clarify the meaningof social online games. Social gaming the dual nature of the premise, the spread in thesocial gaming interpersonal stage and pointed out that the nature of the two socialonline interpersonal communication with the three stages of the propagationcharacteristics and the interpersonal level; and then proceed from psychology andsociology, combined with qualitative and quantitative research methods, to drawpositive and negative impacts of social gaming participants in interpersonal exchanges,and the negative impact given the boot. Based on the above study of interpersonalcommunication in the new media properties come to social networking online, socialgaming, new interpersonal communication in the form.The article from the perspective of interpersonal communication for socialgaming and its participants interpersonal interpretation, the end result is drawn tofeatures of social networking online interpersonal communication and interpersonalinfluence for the participants. Hope that research in this field to provide reference forbuilders and participants of social gaming and real life to give guidance.

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