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Study of Intrinsic Mechanism in Organization Knowledge Architecture

Author WangYongHong
Tutor ShenGuChao
School Nanjing University
Course Information Science
Keywords Internal mechanism Control Individual knowledge Innovation environment Get mechanism Value Contribution Structural equation model Components Dynamic Mechanism Social Network Hierarchical organization Cultural ideas Process Knowledge Physical form Knowledge Based When the money Competitive Intelligence knowledge Competitive Advantage Invisible presence
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2013
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As information architecture is rising along with the deeper and further research of information management, the concept of knowledge architecture is known with the knowledge management cracks. Meanwhile, along with the emergence of knowledge ecological research, knowledge architecture has gradually been familiar to scholars and industry. But, just like its low-key start, knowledge architecture as a new research field has not attracted extensive attention, so that the research topics in this field such as research objects, research scopes and research methods have not be accepted unanimously.Knowledge architecture is the main topic in this paper because of its "architecture concept". The background of this paper is:the knowledge management promotion in organization encountered a bottleneck, the discussions such as whether or not to manage knowledge, or how to implement it are here and there. Moreover, with the ubiquity of organization knowledge and the complication of the knowledge relationship, knowledge paradox is stepped up further.To this end, this paper starts from the knowledge network relation and epistemological problems, break problems down into organization knowledge’s route and mechanisms, including the interrelationship and activities regularity among the knowledge elements. And assuming that the key problem lies in the failure of the implementation of the proactive management to knowledge by the organization, and organization knowledge and knowledge activities are hard to manage or even cannot be managed; It should control the internal mechanism of organization knowledge, so as to promote organization to realize knowledge value which based on the implementation of the organizational value.Compare to "management concept","architecture concept" of organizational knowledge aim to discuss organization knowledge management introduction in an innovational environment. It discusses based on the "architecture concept", how to establish relationships between knowledge and organization, knowledge and process, knowledge and value as well as the internal mechanism and regularity, and thus to build the organization knowledge value.This paper discusses the knowledge environment dependency and the cycle conversion law from knowledge process to knowledge result. It believes that the essence of process-form knowledge is wave-particle dualism of knowledge, and eventually will realize an integrate between substantive and procedural. Individual knowledge within organization should be transferred into organization knowledge by organizational business process. This is the organization form of knowledge. Different organization-form knowledge can be realized by organizational plan.Through the establishment of quantized knowledge contribution representation systems such as knowledge equivalent, knowledge equivalent product, this paper discusses enter and exit mechanism of organization knowledge. It believes that organization knowledge should establish organization knowledge retain evaluation which based on value decay law, to replace the enter evaluation of organization knowledge. Knowledge submission and knowledge extraction are the organization knowledge acquisition mechanisms that are widely used and the latter is the improvement to the former, and both will eventually build organization knowledge acquisition mechanism which based on the integration of their individual characteristics.This paper believes the knowledge value is achieved through organization value. The key factor to lift knowledge value is to use the organization value as the result-oriented, and the organization knowledge should be established by following a knowledge strategy which is "value determine target, target determine strategy and strategy determine knowledge". At the same time, knowledge diagnosis is an important mean for continuous improvement, while the knowledge-driven culture ensures continuing and heritage of the organization value fundamentally. Both means are important mechanism for result-oriented knowledge value realization.This paper believes that the value of organization knowledge reflects to an organization value which generated by future and others multiplexing. To maximize the knowledge value, knowledge utility and value should be powered through effective management mechanism. In the process of knowledge management, the basic principles of knowledge force should be rationally used.As a conclusion, this paper believes that due to the knowledge self-organization, knowledge and its activities in organization are difficult to manage or even unmanageable, but the organization knowledge and its activity can be effectively controlled. The key is to fully understand the relationship between organization knowledge and knowledge process and their exercise regularity, and then to realize the organization knowledge establishment. This is what the paper established, the organization knowledge implementation road based on the architecture concept.

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