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On the media image of "3S lady" by sina.com.cn as the center

Author JiangMingKe
Tutor DongXiaoYu
School Southwestern University
Course Communication
Keywords "3S lady" "3S lady" media image Media construction
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Media is a reflection of social culture, and the construction of social culture, since2001the "3S lady" in the network make first appearance, has always been the media attention and hot debate, the image of this group has also always been build and construct, this also attracts the eyeball. Based on this, study of "3S lady" media image, it has both theoretical and practical significance of the problem."3S lady", as a new social phenomenon, through the mass media, it will produce what effect and influence, is the focus of this paper, and its theoretical significance. This paper based on the analysis of samples of the "3S lady" reported by sina.com.cn, to explore these media reports tend to view, some of its existing problems in the shape of "3S lady" image, and some relevant reflection.This article focuses on the media spectacle theory as the analysis basis, from a feminist perspective, using the framework of analysis method and discourse analysis method to study the text, mainly dominated by content analysis, combine the qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis, selection of sina.com.cn from January1,2006to December31,2011, the title of "3S lady" contains the text carries on the research analysis. Through the analysis of three samples from three aspects of issues, namely, image frame framework and discourse framework.The study found media image of "3S lady" has four problems:one is the tendency of negative reports:including cheated, worry to marry, being forced to marry, very picky about spouse, unhappy life and so on. among these, that cheated, worry to marry are the most prominent media partner, the "3S lady" in "hard to marry" dilemma, in the mating object a coveted often become red, the whole physical and mental state is not optimistic.two is the report content one-sided:reported mainly in negative events "3S lady", one of the expressions is one-sided, focus on the "3S lady" marital emotion, especially for "3S lady" worry to marry and been cheated, in this process, how to try various devices to mate with "take off’, many text input, paying less attention to other fields in the "3S lady", is the lack of global view of performance.three is the report view masculine:there are quite a few reports to exhort, alert tone, to the "3S lady" ideas about how to improve the degree of its external appearance to attract men to get rid of the awkward situation of "left". Seemingly "3S lady" to provide for, the so-called "beauty" of information for it, is actually the media constantly placing the female in the male perspective, to locate the female, but ignore the female subjectivity, the real needs of women. four is the presentation of spectacle: in the course of news report, media reports of "theme"3S lady has a strong contrast, trying to exploit those twists and turns, the conflict of strong or can satisfy the audience into the desire and emotion events. At the same time, reporting process often reinforces negative events of "3S lady" subjective factors, while downplaying the social background and ideology behind the back. In the "3S lady" the media, always permeated with the subjective consciousness on the one hand, trying to use dramatic spectacle, logical conflict, curious type to get attention, on the other hand, they also tried to create a seemingly objective and true picture, strive to be the subjective consciousness hidden.On this basis, the author put forward three suggestions:Remodeling the correct understanding of the media practitioners on gender, which is the key to remodeling "left women" image, media practitioners moving away from Male Chauvinism consciously judgmental perspective of those who are regarded as "natural "ideological reflection, thereby enhancing the media practitioners in the actual operation to maintain an objective and fair stance, the right to establish a" left women "image.Second, establish and improve the media self-regulatory mechanism to establish and improve the self-regulatory mechanism of the news industry, I think we should strengthen from such two aspects:First, the news industry self-regulatory organization, is the self-regulation of the media within the individual, only two aspects at the same time strengthen curb some media irresponsible "left women" image construction and shape this group its true face to the greatest possible extent.The third is to strengthen the supervision of the media regulators, to change the media "left women" stereotype performance, not only from within the media to start to improve the regulatory mechanism, but also from the outside, from the administrative, judicial, social welfare organizations, public the start necessary monitoring and evaluation of the media, the establishment of a wide range of gender monitoring network system, the development of a set of scientific, careful and rigid monitoring indicators for the performance of the media on gender, under the supervision of the external media, more effectively assume itself should be social responsibility to the scientific development perspective to the performance of the "left women" and is closely related to groups of women.

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