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The "Anti-Spiral of Silence" in New Media Context

Author YangLiYue
Tutor HanXiangDong
School Jilin University
Course Journalism
Keywords the "spiral of silence" network transmission audience opinion leaders
CLC G206
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The "spiral of silence" phenomenon is different from the "spiral of silence" theoryhypothesis and put forward. This phenomenon is to point to in the world of Internetsome virtual communities,"a few" won’t because of own attitude and mainstreamopinion is the same and not to hide his point of view, they dare to express their views,and not keep silent. With the deepening of the spread, the minority view would bemore acceptable, then forms and "most" opinion close trend, sometimes even beyondthe "most" advice. At present the phenomenon spread academic called reverse "spiralof silence" phenomenon.The spiral of silence of the model was put forward based on the "spiral of silence"theory hypothesis based on the question. With the development of The Times, thenetwork spread of technology progress,"spiral of silence" theory hypothesis ownexistence the defect more and more exposure in the face of people. Together withnetwork media has the traditional mass media don’t have new features, make "spiral ofsilence" theory hypothesis in today’s news dissemination in the drawbacks revealedundoubted.In the context of network media, because Internet space has distinctivecommunication characteristics: the cyber communications audience to the identity ofthe occult, network transmission of fragmentation and decentralized, network audienceyounger, teach both public expression forms and other characteristics, enabling thenetwork in the spread of the\"spiral of silence" form of space reduced gradually, and"spiral of silence" hypothesis, under the network environment in the effectiveness ofbeing questioned. This paper will take the "spiral of silence" phenomenon as the core of the research,in the context of new media, network transmission, for example, the spiral of silence"for the cause of performance and investigation, demonstration and study, so as toprove in today’s network transmission environment," spiral of silence "theory role isweakening and gradually disappear, instead will be" the spiral of silence "mode.Paper is divided into three main parts:The paper’s first chapter of the "spiral of silence" phenomenon are reviewed,mainly to the "spiral of silence" the concept is defined, and puts forward the "spiral ofsilence" phenomenon of research that is the foundation of the theory of "spiral ofsilence" theory hypothesis questioned.Chapter2is a central part of this paper, in view of the "spiral of silence" the causeof respectively, from "spiral of silence" theory hypothesis of their own theoreticaldefects, network transmission characteristics, the spread of Internet communicationaudience, imparting the relationship between mental rights, and the change of theposition of and network in the opinion leader "spiral of silence" phenomenon in theprocess of forming role of the four angles are discussed in this paper."Spiral ofsilence" hypothesis itself has certain theoretical defects, along with the development ofThe Times, the spread of technology progress, and these defects gradually revealedbefore people. Especially the theory on network in the spread of the investigation,more ragged."Spiral of silence" theory hypothesis occurrence function is of theconditions of the need for certain, network transmission peculiar attributes changed"spiral of silence" hypothesis of occurrence function mechanism. In the cybercommunications audience in the process of psychological, roles, status and rights arechanged. At the same time, the opinion leader for the spread of its located change inenvironment, the diversity, individuation, time and space such as the synchronicity ofthe different from traditional opinion leader of new features. These new features silent"wake up the most", make "spiral of silence" no longer silent. The above all the time is"spiral of silence" the main reason for the phenomenon to appear.Research method is concerned, this paper mainly adopts factual proof, historical comparison of qualitative research methods, at the same time, pay attention to caseanatomy, statistical analysis and so on, in order to theory itself more scientific andrigorous.

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