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Research on China’s Rural Newspaper Market-oriented Transformation

Author ChenJuan
Tutor FanYiJin
School Jinan University
Course Journalism
Keywords Rural Newspaper Market-oriented transformation pluralistic operation Rural Media platform
CLC G219.2
Type PhD thesis
Year 2012
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On the solid research of the history and current state of China’s Rural Newspaper,find out what is the essential reason for the weakness of this specific category ofnewspaper; the possibility of thriving for Rural Newspaper through transformation;how to practice the transformation for Rural Newspaper under the China’s politicaldiscourse of "constructing a harmonious society" and reform in the cultural institutionframework. By focusing on the case study of The Southern Rural Report as anexample of market oriented survival, this thesis produces wholistic and in-depthanalysis of market oriented transformation of China’s Rural Newspaper, and theorizesthe direction of the such transformation.The key questions of this research includes:1) in the process of China’surbanization, does Rural Newspaper has its space for survival and development?2)What is the surviving pattern, transforming approach and managing strategy of TheSouthern Rural Report as the typical example of market oriented transformation inRural Newspaper, and what its universal managing discipline for newspapers of thesame kind?3) In the time of convergence journalism, how to modify the marketstrategy and business model of Rural Newspaper?In terms of methodology, the paper adopts mainly case study method, whichchooses The Southern Rural Report as research subject considering its provocativeand pioneering role of transformation in the imbalanced market of Rural Newspaper.I have imbedded multiple analyzing units, including the transformation of newsproduction, management and digitalization, and synthesized the methods of historicalanalysis, field study, interviewing, sampling to theorize the practical experience.To enhance the external validity of the research and obey the law of replication logicin case study method, this thesis add replicative cases to justify part of thegeneralization.The overall structure of the thesis consists3parts: demonstrate the question,analyze and solve it, summarize and theorize the topic. The framework and maincontent are as below:In the first part, the question of transformation of Rural Newspaper isdemonstrated(chap1,2,3). Chapter1talks about the idea that only by developingagriculture related media can the duty of serving "San nong" be fulfilled,whichhighlights the significance of the study. Chapter2examines and theorize the historyof China’s Rural Newspaper. Chapter3analyze the market space of Rural Newspaperlongitudinally. The conclusion, drawn upon the analysis of the issues mentioned above, states that china’s Rural Newspaper Is facing the historical opportunity totransform--it must transform and the transformation can be done.In the second part, the discipline of three step transformation of Rural NewspaperIs discovered. This part emphasizes the ideology and practice to make the RuralNewspaper more competitive on the behalf of managing board, as well as articulatingthe theory of transforming direction.Chapter4justifies The Southern Rural Report asthe typical example of Rural Newspaper in transformation taking place in the newmedia environment. Chapter5,6,7answering how The Southern Rural Reporttransforms and it’s intrinsic rules. Chapter5illustrates the initial step of marketoriented transformation of Rural Newspaper is to change the comprehensivenewspaper into professional newspaper focused on market classification as well asstrategic branding transformation. Chapter6states the second step of transformationis to change the professional newspaper into the professional agriculture relatedenterprise of multi-element management. Chapter7induces the third step oftransformation, which is to change the role of agriculture related enterprise into theultimate agriculture related converged media platform including the newspaperplatform.Chapter8studies the motivational mechanism of the market orientedtransformation of Rural Newspaper, including the company culture of? as the coremotivation, and the constitutional change of?as the continuous motivation.In the third part, I generalize and theorize the direction of thetransformation(chapter9). Chapter9provides core discourses for the market orientedtransformation of Rural Newspaper, which serves as the key generalization of theresearch. The core discourses are stated as below:1. handle Niche differences andspecialize in the agriculture related market. The professional specialty bringsdifferentiation, which delivers leadership with competitive advantage in the classifiedmarket.2. advantage transformation, brand marketing and win-win relationship. Bywin-win cooperation with other related entities, the professional advantage ofnewspaper can be transformed into industry advantage and later into impactadvantage, which can enhance the construction of the multi-element management ofmedia enterprise.3. reconstructing the Rural Media platform with the newspaper asthe core. Such direction is the transformative direction of Rural Newspaper, whichcan ultimately resolve the bottleneck and completes the transformation of RuralNewspaper into the Rural Media Platform including the newspaper platform.The innovation of the research can be demonstrated as below:1. The subject matter. The rural media has been rarely studied. This thesis, byexamining the typical example of the Rural Newspaper and systematic study of itsmarket oriented transformation, expands the research field of media management. 2. The topic and methodology. The topic of market oriented transformation isnot only pioneering and provocative but also compatible with the reality ofimbalanced development of Rural Newspaper in China. In methodology, the thesisapplies the case study of The Southern Rural Report, which is the most successfulexample of due subject, as well as other practices from media of the same category toexpand the horizon and deliver a well balanced landscape of due subject.3. The material. This study examines large amount of information regarding thehistory and current state of Rural Newspaper, including all agriculture related mediasince1949and solid statics of current Rural Newspaper. Besides, the first handmaterial of The Southern Rural Report collected through field work.4. The innovative perception, which is the most important aspect of allinnovations, can be articulated in7points:1) Discovery the two pathways ofagriculture related media since1949, and the current development of RuralNewspaper is the second pathway--wordily newspaper targeting factory workers andfarmers as audience.2) generalize and theorize the agriculture related media indifferent historical periods since1949: from revolutionary newspaper toorganizational media, from the overall dynamics of1980s in concert with the reform,the downturn of1990s, and the market marginalization in the new millennium.3)provides the frame work of the transformative media enterprise of China.4) discoverythe three step rule of Rural Newspaper in terms of market oriented transformation.5)Put forward the concept of " Rural Media cross-industry marketing systemreengineering" and its model.6) Put forward the concept of " Rural Media’s bilateralmarket secondary growth": Rural Media platform make its one party "readers"market sink to "farmers" groups, and at the same time, make another party"advertisers" market sink to "agriculture enterprise" through the marketing systeminnovation,so "the second growth" for bilateral market of Rural Media platform iscompleted. Market growth means that media platform’s living space enlargement.7)Put forward the concept of " Rural media more joint platform " and its model. Asingle platform refers to traditional platform as " Content providers "; More jointplatform refers to the platform that has been growing up, and it includes not only thetraditional platform but also includes agriculture related converged media platformwhich is promoted by new media technology. This thesis points out that this is thedirection of the market-oriented transformation of Rural media.

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