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Analysis on the Books Bestseller List of Chinese Books Business(2002-2011)

Author ShenYing
Tutor PanWenNian
School Anhui University
Course Communication
Keywords bestseller lists best-selling author presspricing
CLC G235
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Based on Chinese books business, publishing bestseller lists as the research object, the time span of2002-200∮(?), from the best-seller list form, the list works, authors, publishing houses, and pricing of five aspects. This paper on the Chinese book business best-seller list form carries on the analysis of the decade, the newspaper seller from "open book, the market monthly report" to the"business books list" to "business data of the east", its classification of books in the best-seller list is more clear, more specific, the classification criteria from fuzzy to clear gradually, also increasingly rich list content, number of books by15to10to20, has been basically stable, the transition of the three forms is not blunt, there is a process of evolution, and data sources is increasing, more and more stable, and gradually formed its own set of bestsellers evaluation system. Then take a monthly list of the top10, according to the first place to10points, the first ten principles for1minute, score, and so on, combining every book on the number, the number, the resulting list books in all kinds of data analysis. Through the analysis of the above data, take in the total score in the top ten every year’s section, operation management, life and children’s bestsellers, class four categories from the total score, the number on the list, the average score and the number of the top four aspects carries on the analysis, summed up the annual list details of books, and for the whole ten years on the bestseller’s overall changes in numerical analysis. The author found four introduce version of the top ten best-selling books the ratio of the difference is bigger, the bigger proportion of administration. Many bestsellers, among them long pin books rarely. For best-selling author analysis, mainly based on the bestselling author of ten years in the top50list of work quantity and the score of two aspects, on the list works most of the ten bestselling author and the highest total score10bestselling author carries on the analysis, and according to the different features of these best-selling author bestselling author can be divided into high yield, high quality, high yield and high quality and stable equilibrium of four categories. Through the analysis, the author also noted that the two problems, one is the author of the sex differences generally appear more men to"phenomenon,; Number2is the author of the works and popular degree are not completely negative correlation, which fully show the variability and complexity of the market. In the analysis of the best-selling press, press on the case analysis, based on the data, are analyzed in detail the decade press on the number of books on the list, the total score. The author found in four kinds of best-selling top five press of monopoly degree is not the same, published works accounted for six to one of the best-selling this decade, at the same time, press the number of books on the list and the total score of relationship similar to chapter on the author’s change trend, also is completely negative correlation. The final pricing of all kinds of top ten best-selling each year research, found that the change trend of four different types bestsellers vary, the average price of all kinds of best seller is in a different level. Also found an interesting phenomenon, each kind of the top ten best-selling average pricing with ten years of best seller average price basically is to show the opposite trend.

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