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Human Resource Leadership Research in New Curriculum Reform of Basic Education

Author LiuSha
Tutor YuJinLi
School Zhejiang Normal University
Course Principles of Education
Keywords Human resource leadership curriculum leadership curriculum reform Teacher professional development team building
CLC G632.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In china, Curriculum leadership cause more and more people’s concern and attention with the new curriculum reform of basic education deepening. The key of curriculum reform is implementation; curriculum reform cannot be implemented without Strong and correct leadership in such a complex and difficult transformation. New curriculum reform of basic education is difficult, which involves a wide range, requires advanced leadership, needs to re-structure reform, needs a new perspective on reforming or leading change. In this way, it can be generated in the excellent performance of the reform. Curriculum reform include multiple realities, each event can be interpreted or understand from different perspectives, resulting in a different way to solve the problem. The five dimensions of curriculum leadership model review curriculum reform from five different perspectives, the five viewing angle are structure leadership, human resource leadership, political leadership, cultural leadership and educational leadership. Human resource leadership is one of the five perspectives, it focus on relationships between managers and subordinates.Human resource leadership is the most important aspect of the five perspectives. It relate to maintain the normal order of the school, and is also a necessary condition to achieve quality education. Human resources leadership has a basic position in curriculum leadership. Human resources leadership concerns the relationship between people and organizations; the key is to find an effective organization, adjust the organization to meet the needs of members. In this word, human resources leadership focus on needs of teachers, emphasizes that the leadership should be close, promotes participation, supports and promotes positive interpersonal atmosphere, promotes the professional development of teachers and the feel of commitment and satisfaction.This paper discusses curriculum leadership under the perspective of human resources. First study the characteristics of the new curriculum reform under the perspective of human resources, interpret the new curriculum reform from the human resources perspective. New curriculum reform proposed new curriculum ideas: all-round development, back to life, effective teaching, curriculum integration and democratic governance. New curriculum reform to teacher empowerment, challenges teachers’knowledge and ability.Leaders need to wake-up teachers’curriculum consciousness, change teachers’educational concept, promote the transformation of the mode of teaching.Human resource leadership as the foundation for curriculum development, it promotes teacher professional development, concerns about the needs of teachers, Handles problems in the leadership team. In our new curriculum reform of basic education, human resource leadership exist certain problems and deficiencies in these areas, such as excessive dependence on external control management, excessive participation and false participation, formalism in teacher professional development, and the negligence of the teachers’psychological security.Finally, propose advice to improve the human resource leadership for the above problems exist in the leadership. Human resource leadership helps to promote the relationship between leaders and subordinates, cultivate leadership skills and responsibility, and enable been leaders to become leaders, to realize human resource leadership.This article review reform from the perspective of human resource, identify problems, propose solutions to problems. Although the human resource leadership is the most important aspect, we cannot ignore the other four aspects of leadership, five dimensions of curriculum leadership are indispensable, cannot be neglected. Face different problems, different perspectives have different solutions; therefore, one cannot view the five.

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