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Research on Influence of Supply Chain Social Capital on Innovation Performance:the Mediating Effect of Dynamic Capability

Author WuHongCui
Tutor ZhangHuiYing
School Tianjin University
Course Technology Economics and Management
Keywords upstream and downstream social capital dynamic capability innovation performance mediating role moderating role
CLC F273.1
Type PhD thesis
Year 2012
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As the market competition increased, diversity of demand and rapidness ofdevelopment cycle increase the uncertainty and complexity of innovation. Throughknowledge sharing and resource complementary, enterprises can achieve betterinnovation performance.Based on social theory, dynamic capability theory and innovation theory,drawing lessons from strategy management, construct build the conceptual model.The innovative conclusions are as follows:Firstly, introduce the dynamic capability, the relationship path model of socialcapital and innovation performance with dynamic capability and environmentdynamic has been constructed. Specially, upstream structure dimension positivelyinfluences innovation customer performance, cognitive dimension positivelyinfluences innovation finance performance and innovation customer performance,relational dimension positively influences innovation process performance;downstream structure dimension positively influences innovation financeperformance, cognitive dimension positively influences innovation processperformance, relational dimension positively influences innovation customerperformance; both upstream three dimensions and downstream three dimensionspositively dynamic capability.Secondly, the mediating effect of dynamic capability has been discussed andvalidated. Specially, dynamic capability play a full mediating role between upstreamstructure dimension and innovation financial performance, upstream structuredimension and innovation process performance, upstream structure dimension andinnovation growth performance, upstream cognitive dimension and innovationprocess performance, upstream cognitive dimension and innovation growthperformance, upstream relational dimension and innovation financial performance,upstream relational dimension and innovation customer performance;play partialmediating role between upstream structure dimension and innovation customerperformance,upstream cognitive dimension and innovation financial performance,upstream cognitive dimension and innovation customer performance,upstreamrelational dimension and innovation process performance, upstream relationaldimension and innovation growth performance. Dynamic capability play a fullmediating role between downstream structure dimension and innovation customer performance, downstream structure dimension and innovation process performance,downstream structure dimension and innovation growth performance, down cognitivedimension and financial performance, down cognitive dimension and processperformance, down cognitive dimension and growth performance, down relationaldimension and innovation financial performance, down relational dimension andinnovation customer performance, down relational dimension and innovation growthperformance;play partial mediating role between downstream structure dimension andinnovation financial performance,downstream cognitive dimension and innovationcustomer performance; downstream relational dimension and innovation processperformance.Thirdly,the moderating effect of environment has been discussed and validated.Specially, technology environment dynamic play a moderating role between upstreamstructure dimension,upstream cognitive dimension, upstream relational dimension anddynamic capability;market environment dynamic play a moderating role betweendownstream cognitive dimension, down relational dimension and dynamic capability.In the background of Chinese localization data, the mechanism of upstream anddownstream social capital, dynamic capability and innovation performance has beenvalidated, the social capital theory, dynamic capability theory and innovation theoryhave been enriched, a framework higher agree with local conditions has beenproposed for Chinese enterprises.

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