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A Study of Financial Corruption

Author ChenYueJun
Tutor ZhangQiaoYun
School Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course Finance
Keywords Commercial Bank Financing Corruption
CLC F832.1
Type PhD thesis
Year 2011
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From90s’of20th century, Corruption has become the focus of most concern around the world, and financial corruption in particular need attention. The reason of financial corruption so floodly is the absolutly power, the checks and balances of power loss. Financial corruption not only undermines the financial order, distortions in resource allocation, but also greatly affects the socioeconomic stability.In many areas, financial corruption is so particularly serious harm to society. The Chinese government attaches great importance to corruption, called for effective measures to regulate and control the financial corruption.Therefore, I choose the commercial bank financial corruption as the topics of this article. The main contents are in the process of enterprises and an individual’s financing from banks, the bank employees tends to rent-seeking or take advantage of his conspiracy in from of corruption.From the perspective of economics, I use the agency theory, the rent-seeking theory and the new institutional economics analysis to analyze the commercial banking system and the status of the current financing system in china. I use the supply-demand equilibrium analysis to find the causes of corruption and find out the proposed countermeasures.This paper combines the theory and practice, selecting the normative analysis of the research paradigm, case analysis using standard analysis and the combination of qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis of research method to study the problem of corruption in china’s commercial bank financing.This article is divided into seven chapters.Chapter1, Introduction. In this chapter, I express the background and significance of this topic.Chapter2, Concept definition and literature review.Chapter3. The chapter about commercial bank’s financing corrupt phenomenon. This chapter analyzes the mainly forms of financial corruption of the commercial banks.Chapter4. mainly from the financial structure, loan soft constraints, etc., in-depth analysis of the indirect financing of the supply side of corruption. In this chapter, the paper first analyzes China’s current financial structure, and that the credit market is relatively developed in China, lagging behind the stock and bond markets or non-standard financial structure, corporate finance banks to rely on more indirect financing, this rent-seeking banks to create a basis in reality; the same time, China’s commercial banks lending to the theory of soft constraint problems discussed, the conditions of soft constraints in loans, the loan may be some corporate "free lunch",apparently enterprise have an incentive to grab these "free lunch", which led tocorruption in China’s commercial banks indirectly financing the larger supplyChapter5, The analysis of the demand of commercial bank financing corruption.In the case of very low cost of corruption, corruption must be a great demand, so corruption is inevitably means that an effective demand. Articles related to constraints on in-depth analysis of the situation that is set in the virtual property rights have not been substantial improvement in the bank governance should be improved, and the internal control system, the efficiency of supervision, the legal system have yet to be further strengthened under the conditions of the bank effective demand for practitioners of corruption must be larger.Chapter6, The results of the logical interpretation of chapter4and chapter5. After analysis of the financing of corruption is the economy, I gain that corruption is the "sand" instead of "lubricant" to the economy.Chapter7, The analysis of the governance of financing of corruption. The view that the authorities should speed up the financial system and internal and external openness of the financial system to increase the level of competition.The main innovation lies in the following two points:(1) this is a new topic, there is no article write about financial corruption.(2) New perspective:I use "demand-supply" balance model to analyze this problem, this point is a great innovation perspective. The direction of further research, mainly in:(1) empirical;(2) international comparison.

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