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The Empirical Research of Relationship between Land Use Structure and Industrial Structure of Hainan

Author WangAnPing
Tutor JiangGuoZhou
School Hainan University
Course Political Economics
Keywords land use structure industrial structure the deviation coefficient of thestructure model VAR
CLC F301
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Through reviews the related theories and the national economic and social development practice, the land use structure and industrial structure correlation is a dialectical relationship. Can say, land use structure evolving is the material foundation of industrial structure adjustment, land use structure change will inevitably lead to the adjustment of industrial structure. Also can say the change of industrial structure will also be on land use allocation and puts forward the corresponding change request, The influence of interaction of the two, mutual correlation, mutual promotion. As the gradual progress of industrial structure adapted to the land use structure evolution, structure of land use study can promote the upgrading of industrial structure. When the industrial structure evolution is not adapted to the land use structure evolution situation, will be on the adjustment of land use structure rises to obstruct the function, but also hinders the optimization of industrial structure. Therefore, through land use structure and industrial structure adj relation understanding, searching and the evolution of the industrial structure is adapted to land use structure, not only conducive to land use structure optimization adjustment, but also can promote the upgrading of industrial structure adjustment.Along with the Hainan province to achieve the success of the industry transition and further optimization of the industrial structure, land use structure unceasingly is also reasonable configuration. However, Hainan Province, the existing land use allocation and can not meet the needs of the development of industrial structure optimization, land use structure change did not bring about industrial structure changes, namely land use structure relatively lags behind in the industrial structure. Industrial structure and land use structure deviation to the sustainable land use and the sustainable development of economy has brought negative influence. Faced with this reality, this paper first review the relevant theory, for the next chapter of the Hainan province to structure and industrial structure correlation research with theoretical support; Secondly, according to the Hainan province in20101995--year data of Hainan province the structure, industry structure’s present situation and existing problems, summed up the fluctuant trend; Thirdly qualitative and quantitative analysis of the relationship between land-use structure and industrial structure,on one hand, using the deviation coefficient of the structure analyses the influence of between land use structure and industry structure; on the other hand, an empirical analysis of land use structure and industrial structure, From the selection of indicators, the stationarity test, cointegration test to Granger causality analysis,to build VAR model,using the impulse response function and variance decomposition results. Finally, on the basis of the above study, two aspects of land policy and industrial policy put forward to the coordinated development of countermeasures and suggestion.In short, can be seen through analysis of land-use structure and industrial structure in Hainan, with the rapid growth of the economic order, the Hainan’s industrial structure and land-use structure has undergone profound changes. As the decline trend is clearly for the first industry, the secondary industry flat to down, the upward trend is clearly for the tertiary industry. The land structure is to the direction of promote industrial structure adjustment development,but changes in land-use structure to be improved and there is a certain lag. Therefore, through empirical study to explore the correlation between land-use structure and industrial structure of Hainan, has important practical significance.

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