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Rasearch on the Rice Farmers’ Technalogy Adopt Behavior and Its Influencing Factors

Author ZhongZuo
Tutor ChenZhaoJiu; ZuoShanDong
School Jiangxi Agricultural University,
Course Rural and Regional Development
Keywords Rice farmer Agricultural technology Adopt behavior Influencing Factors
CLC F323.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The conflict of agricultural and the rural economy development lag and incompatibility of the urban and rural development in our country is serious under the new situation of the fast development of industrialization and urbanization; the rigid constraints of cultivated land and water resources and the rapid rise of the agricultural labor costs make our agriculture production facing the pressure of high cost. We must improve the land output, resource utilization, labor productivity constantly, and increase income by increase the production, improve the quality and save the cost through the science and technology progress.The number one file of authorities in2012shows explicitly that we must strengthen the basic public service of agricultural technology, play the role of agricultural technology institutions at various levels fully, strengthen the basic agro-technique extension service, promote the transform from family-run operation to operation with advanced technology and production ways.In this paper we take the large rice production farmers as our research object, learn the application level, needs and preferences of the farmer of the three different kinds of agricultural technology through the questionnaire survey, including the high quality type farmers optimal technology, labor saving technology and money saving technology, and use binary logistic model to research household characteristics (age, education level, health), technology inducing factors (family population, cultivated land per capita, per capita income), information factors (information channel number, farmers properties) and risk factors (the number of migrant workers, farmers multiple occupations or not, labor cost evaluation, agricultural infrastructure conditions, and the use of time), and work out how they influence the choice for different technologies, and try to understand the behavior characteristics of farmers when choosing different agricultural technologies, so as to provides countermeasures for speeding up the popularization of agricultural technology.The main research conclusions of the paper are as follows:The influences to the farmer’s choice for different technologies is different by its own factors, technology induced factors, information factors and risk factors. The theory of the new western institutional economists claim of the elements in factor induction scarcity technology has developed some applicability in China which has underdeveloped factor systems, but still has the gap with the actual choice for rice production technologies of the microcosmic farmers in China.Although the geographic scope of the samples and the considered factors are limited, it can reflect the economic rationality of the behavior of technology choosing of the farmers.So this study raise some suggestions:First of all,we must focus on improving the educational level of countryside. Secondly,we can use the mass media to establish an efficient and flexible network of information dissemination to increase the scientificalness of farmers’ technical and productive decisions.Thirdly,we may step up rural infrastructure construction, improve the rural hardware environment such as transportation, communication and product processing,and optimize agricultural production conditions continuously.And fourthly,we can strengthen the security and stability of the application for the rural technologies,and reduce the risk of adopting new technologies as much as possible.

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