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Study on Farmers’ Selection Behavior of Key Technology about Rice Nanjing44and Efficiency Evaluation

Author JiaLiYan
Tutor LinGuangHua
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Technology Economics and Management
Keywords rice production selection behavior product efficiency science researchtranslating
CLC F224
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In China,9.2percent of the rice is produced in Jiangsu province. And in Jiangsu area, rice is the main crop, so most of the farmers plant rice and this is an important source of their revenues. While the agriculture is developing, some new problems about rice planting have arisen, for example:the benefits of planting rice is decreasing; the more and more demand for high quality rice production; the safety of rice productions is more difficult to be guaranteed due to the pollution of environment; and it becomes intensely competitive after China joined in the WTO.As a whole, the agriculture is in the primary stage of transition from tradition agriculture to modern technological agriculture. Because of the disjointedness between agriculture technology supply and demand in the understanding of technology need by agriculture production, so the application and extension’s rate of agriculture science research is quite low. This finally resulted in agriculture science research translating is low and most apartments of rural area is lack of advanced practicality technology. This bring on inefficient for agriculture product and prevent development of agriculture. In order to promote the development of the agricultural technology, the Ministry of Agriculture started a project to examine and apply the mature agricultural technologies in1999. This project is helpful to solve the problem of the misconnection between agricultural technology and agricultural production. And in2008. the Agricultural Academy of Jiangsu Province began to undertake a subproject concerning "the safe and simple technology integration and industrialize-tion of later Rice nanjing44"The Paper uses economics, developing economics and modern economics theories on the analysis of farmers’ selection behavior and product efficiency. This concludes farmers’ selection behavior is rational, and technology advancement is a main approach to enhance product efficiency. Then we use descriptive statistics method to analyze basic characters and evaluation of nanjing44about sample data base on investigation in Haian County. We also use binary choice model to analyze various factors of farmers’selection behavior. Finally, it takes use of DEA model to explain the difference of product efficiency under different technological conditions. Based on the above analysis, we educe some conclusions. The product efficiency of farmers who plant nanjing44and apply key technology is higher than others. The evaluation about all rice seeds is low, but the evaluation about nanjing44is better than others. Farmers have some misunderstandings about the characters of nanjing44. Farmers’ selection behavior affected by various factors, such as age and education time of peasant, personal revenues, labor input in per area, the degree of labor transfer, land fragmentation and so on. Labor input in per area is the most important factor, and it has a positive impact to farmers’ selection behavior. The age of peasant and the degree of labor transfer have negative impact.

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