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The Study of Main Roles’ Behavior in the Diffusion of Safe Agricultural Means of Production

Author SunHuan
Tutor LiZhongDong; ZhangXiaoQing
School Shandong Normal University
Course Regional Economics
Keywords Safe Agricultural Means of Production Diffusion Behavior of Main Role Government Distributor Farmers
CLC F322
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Since the 1950s, with the improvement of living standard of people, the quality problems inagricultural products frequently appear, and then the issues of quality and safety in agriculturalproducts have drawn the attention of people greatly. In recent years, a growing number ofeconomists believe that, we can achieve the purpose to solve the problem of quality and safety ofagricultural products through the development of legal provisions to regulate the producers’behavior. However, it is ignored that the use of agricultural means of production and theinteraction of various main roles of the diffusion process in the agricultural production, which isconsidered to be the key point to solve the problem of quality and safety of agricultural products.This article will study the relationship among the main roles of the diffusion process in theagricultural production on the base of the existing theoretical studies of general productsdiffusion. The main ideas of the paper are as follows. First of all, the definition andcharacteristics of the agricultural means of production are drawn according to the definition ofdiffusion of general products. According to the importance and association of various main rolesof the diffusion, we draw the conclusion that the government, distributors and farmers are themain roles of the diffusion,which is the Object of the study. Secondly, the game models are setto analyze the interaction of main roles of the diffusion. Thirdly, Empirical Analysis includes twoparts: the Principal-Agent Model between government and distributors; the logistic modelbetween government and farmers and the logistic model between distributor and farmers. Thedata is from the survey of the government manager related to agriculture, distributors and farmersin five provinces of China during the summer in 2010.The conclusions are drawn as follows.The government should establish the Reward-Penalty mechanism and execute strictly in orderto encourage distributors and farmers to manage and product correctly. The government shouldconsider the response ability of the distributors during the policy implementation, and foresee thelagging of the policy implementation, so the government should enhance the communication andtraining of the distributors in order to eliminate the information barrier and improve thesensitivity degree of the distributors; It is the low profit of managing the safe agricultural meansof production that compose the main barrier of managing safe agricultural means of production,so the government should do some thing to improve the profit rate of managing safe agriculturalmeans of production. Besides, we should try our best to improve the safety sense of thegovernment manager and the distributors, form the continuous publicity chain, and guarantee thesmooth diffusion of agricultural means of production. In general, the thesis is composed of fiveparts and the second and forth part are the emphasis and difficulty of the thesis. PartⅠ: Introduction is mainly related to the meaning and purpose of the research, researchstatus, the ideas and general content of the research, research methods and data sources.PartⅡ: the theory basis analysis of the diffusion of safe agricultural means. Firstly, introducethe definition of the safety of agricultural means of production, then the definition and thecharacteristics of the diffusion of safe agricultural means of production, and propose the mainrole of the diffusion through the analysis of the diffusion process.PartⅢ: the game analysis of the relationship between the main roles of the diffusion. It isverified that the three parts interact one another during the diffusion process, which provide thetheory foundation of the policy according to different main role.PartⅣ: An Empirical Analysis of the behavior of the main roles. This part mainly consists ofthree parts. Firstly, principal-agent model is established between government and distributors,and raise policy suggestion according to different awareness of encouragement degree, profit rateand effort level between the government and distributors, and then we can ensure the smoothdiffusion of the safe agricultural means of production. Secondly, multi-logistic models areestablished respectively in order to conduct the empirical analysis of the relationship betweengovernment managers and farmers as well as the empirical analysis relationship betweendistributors and farmers. And we can get the different affect degree of the policy constraint,publicity and education between the government and the distributors.PartⅤ: Conclusions and policy recommendations. From the above theoretical analysis andempirical results, policy recommendations are raised to make the diffusion of the safeagricultural means of production more smooth.

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