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Study of the Impact of Self-Concept Consistency and Reference Group on Purchase Intention of Migrant Workers

Author MaDongMei
Tutor JinXiaoTong
School Jilin University
Course Business management
Keywords migrant worker self-concept consistency reference group influence perceivedrisk purchase intention
CLC F274
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Migrant workers are a special social group, their consumption has obvious groupcharacteristics. Migrant workers work and live in a strange city. Comparing to the lifeof engaging in agricultural production, they belong to the high-income groups andhave strong purchasing power. The other hand, they were seen as "marginal people"of city. their consumption behavior will not be accepted by the local people.They cannot really integrate into the urban life and they desire to change their currentsituation. Because of the special nature of this group, the study of the purchaseintention of other groups in previous studies may not apply to migrant workers.The facters affecting migrant workers’ purchase intention of cell phone includefunctional value, image value, and cost factors. On the basis of interviews withmigrant workers and analyzing the existing literature, this study identifies threefactors affecting the purchase intention of the migrant workers,including self-conceptconsistency, reference group influence and perceived risk.This study focus on therelationship between self-concept consistency and purchase intention,as well as therelationship between reference group influence and purchase intention. At the sametime, this paper tries to explore the regulatory role of perceived risk, verify that theperceived risk plays as the regulatory role on the relationship between self-conceptconsistency and purchase intention, as well as the relationship between referencegroup influence and purchase intention.The main objects of this paper are migrant workers in construction, industrialworkers and commercial workers in Changchun City with the questionnaire survey tocollect data. Learn from the mature scale to measure migrant workers self-conceptconsistency with the two dimensions of true self-concept consistency and ideal self-concept consistency and verify that there is a positive relationship between thetwo dimensions of self-concept consistency and purchase intention. To measurereference group influence with three dimensions of informational influence, utilitarianinfluence and value influence. The results prove that there is positive relation betweenthe three dimensions of reference group influence and purchase intention. Makingperceived risk as an adjustment variable is one of the innovation of this paper. Inprevious studies, the perceived risk work as an independent variable to verify theirdirect impact on purchase intention mostly. Scholars confirmed the perceived risk andpurchase intention have a negative relationship.This study demonstrates theperceived risk has an influence on the relationship between self-concept consistencyand purchase intention or reference group influence and purchase intention.This study showed that migrant workers are not only the function-orientedconsumers, function is no longer the sole criterion to buy products, their consumptionbehavior will often be impacted by product image. The evaluation of people aroundthem and their demonstration effect, will also affect the consumption behavior of themigrant workers. Migrant workers not only concerned the value of goods, but alsoworry about their perceived risk. With the income of migrant workers increase, thedemand for their consumption is more and more strict. If enterprises want to continueto win customers in the future, they should pay more attention to the change ofconsumers’ psychology and their consumption behavior. Meanwhile, with the migrantworkers’ living standards improve, it is necessary to strengthen the education ofmigrant workers’ consumption attitudes and guide them to choose healthy, scientificconsumption to improve the quality of migrant workers’ life.

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