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Study on Pricing of Public-rent Housing Rent Based on Housing Affordability of Sandwich Class

Author FangQin
Tutor LiShiRong
School Chongqing University
Course Management Science and Engineering
Keywords Public-Rent Housing Sandwich Class Pricing of Rent Housing Affordability Residual Income Approach
CLC F293.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In recent years, due to the high housing price, the people’s housing affordability isincreasingly apparent insufficient, meanwhile, accompanied by the accelerating processof urbanization, there have been a large number of households, known as “sandwichclass”, and they can neither afford commercial residential buildings nor be protectedunder the housing security system. To address the housing problem of the “sandwichclass”, the national government has officially launched a new set of affordable housingcalled Public-rent housing in2010, and then clear to make it to become the main bodyof affordable housing in the “Twelve-Five” Plan. However, the Public-rent housing hasjust been started, whether its policy or implement must be constantly improved. Andone of the key issues must be solved properly is the rent’s pricing, which is not onlyrelated to households’ affordability, but also related to the capital recovery of thePublic-rent housing, therefore, to draw out a reasonable rent would take a key role ofthe sustainable development of the Public-rent housing.The pricing of the public-rent housing’s rent is been taken as the research object,and the research is started around the theme of the pricing of the Public-rent housing’srent based on the housing affordability of the “sandwich class”. First, the “sandwichclass” and the housing affordability is defined, some main measures of housingaffordability and the current domestic research of pricing the public-rent housing’s rentis found out through a comprehensive research both home and abroad, so that thetheoretical basis can be built. Second, the public housing development of Japan, theUnited States and Hong Kong area are studied, and then success experience of theseareas are concluded. Third, the shortage of the pricing policy of domestic public-renthousing is concluded through the longitudinal analysis of the background of thepublic-rent housing and the horizontal analysis of Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing,then proper solution can be reached trough the international experience. Forth, a pricingmodel of the public-rent housing’s rent based on the housing affordability of the“sandwich class” is built by using the residual income approach, through which aempirical study of Chongqing is took out.The pricing model of the pricing of the public-rent housing’s rent proposed in thispaper can be a reference for the government to make more scientific and reasonablepublic-rent housing’s rent. Meanwhile, a series of suggestions for policy making of the public-rent housing especially of the rent’s pricing has been proposed, such asreasonable pricing, improvement of the investment, construction and operation, andestablishment and improvement of the legislation, based on the successful internationalexperience on public housing development, the results of the evaluation of Chongqingand the special situation in China, so that positive impact can be made to thedevelopment of public-rent housing, improvement of the housing supply system, themaintenance of social justice and establishment of harmonious society.

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