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The Research of the Financing Problem in the Construction of Public Rental Housing

Author ZhongQing
Tutor WangYing
School Chongqing University
Course Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords public rental housing countermeasure game theory empirical research
CLC F299.23
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Public rental housing is the social security housing which is used to meet the basichousing needs of the urban lower-middle income families. In our country there are stillplenty of demand for public rental housing in low-income class, therefore, it isimperative to large-scale construction of public rental housing.In the construction of public rental housing system, there is capital problems. Thefinancing problems in construction of public rental housing system seriously hinderedthe development of public rental housing system, only solve the problem of capital canmake the construction of public rental housing system have substantial progress, andbetter meet the housing needs of low-income people. But, how to solve the problem ofcapital is still a difficulty in the industry, this paper will study this problem, and putsforward the author’s suggestion.This article will use the game theory research methods and empirical researchmethod. On the one hand, in view of the capital problem,setting up game modelrespectively for the financing problem, and exploring the way to solve the problem inthe process of optimizing game model; On the other hand, in this paper, in view of someconcrete problems, taking the practice of the construction of the public rental housingsystem in Chongqing city as an example to sum up experience, verify theory, and carryon the related research.Research process of this paper is as follows: first of all, this article will carry on thequalitative analysis about the current situation of the construction of public rentalhousing system in our country, and extract the financing problem from the constructionof public rental housing system, then, set up game model the financing problem,through the game analysis find the interests relations between the behavior subjects whoinvolve in the financing problem, and find optimal equilibrium of the expected behavior,and then according to the conditions required to achieve the optimal equilibrium todesign the corresponding incentive constraint mechanism, form solutions which areinnovative, advanced, and applicable to the problems, lead all possible rationaldecisions to the direction which is in favor of the people’s livelihood, maximize thepublic housing’s positive social function as social housing.This paper studies the financing problem in the construction of public rentalhousing system, using game theory and the empirical approach to research the problem, designing the countermeasure to solve the problem: taking a variety of social financingmodel which give priority to real estate investment trust funds (REITs),and some otherfinancing models are complementary, at the same time, the government should givepolicy support in some aspects,such as fiscal and tax, land supply, financial financing,in an effort to absorb folk funding into the field of construction of public housingsystem;

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