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Zibo Housing Accumulation Fund Management Problems

Author WangHong
Tutor NiBaoZhi
School Shandong University
Course Public Administration
Keywords Zibocity housingaccumulation fund Management Question research
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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After issued implementation program on promating the reform of housing system by stages and groups in towns of the whole country’by the State Council, housing fund system is the product of the informed urban housing system, which is used the successful experience of Singapore’s Central Provident Fund and first to introduce by Shanghai in1991and then gradually promote to the whole country. With the development of20years, our each service housing fund, including amount of imputation and deposit amount, has been achieved rapid development, expecially playing more outsanding role on safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests and improving the ability of urban residents in the acquisition of housing security, housing provident fund regulations" is promulgated and implemented by the State Council on Apr.3,1999.’Regulations’, providing the legal basis for implementing the housing fund system, stipulates the nature of provident fund、 proportion payment、managing mechanism、using main pat and scope and loan interest rate and so on.The implementation of the housing reserve fund, perfect the form of the housing system, play an important role in improving the housing supplying system for developing the living conditions of the workers to build a harmonious society. Although the cause of China’s housing reserve fund has achieved rapid development, but there is uneven development, the administration is not standardized; implementation of the related system is loose and so on. Housing reserve fund should be further standardized in administration, development towards the institutionalization of the rule of law, popular direction. Especially with the economic and social development, the traditional mode of management is increasingly difficult to adapt to the needs of the enterprise’s economic development pattern of extensive management led to a lot of blind spots in the actual management, which has become increasingly prominent, and more and more difficulties and risks in management are facing severe challenges.How to adapt to the new situation of economic and social development and the new requirements, it is necessary to keep things under control, run well and effectively fulfill the responsibilities of state and local governments, it’s also has become an important mission for the administrators in the housing provident fund institutions and they have to face the big challenge in the housing provident fund management. In this paper, according to the housing provident fund managements’practice in Zibo City, we intend to in-depth analysis on the status of the housing provident fund management problems and the reasons for the formation of improving the level of housing provident fund management further and promote housing fund the development in effective ways, which also can provide a useful reference for better housing fund regulatory systemBased on public administration, administrative and other multi-disciplinary theories and other basic related researches. The use of empirical researches, quantitative combination of theoretical analysis, the in-depth analysis of the status quo, problems, causes and diverse impacts on Zibo City housing provident fund management have been done to explore the countermeasures and solution in enhancing the management of the local housing provident fund, and also to provide a reference for local government decision-making.In addition to the introduction, the thesis is divided into three parts.The first part is to analyze the history and present situation of the housing provident fund management in Zibo City, the institutional change in history of Zibo City housing provident fund management and the achievements of the detailed analysis, combined with the Provident Fund for Management Development in recent years large amounts of data, which analyzes the current development of Zibo City Housing Provident Fund Management in complete and diverse angles.The second part is to discover the problems and deep causes of the housing provident fund management in Zibo City. Mainly in four aspects:First one, the definition of the institutional nature of the Housing Fund Management Center is ambiguous in Zibo City; Zibo City housing fund management center haven’t been in the dominant position, funds management needs some strengthen risk preventions; The lawful compulsory execution and external supervision in administrating the housing provident fund hasn’t been enough; The housing provident funds’deposit coverage is not wide enough, there are several blind spots in depositing. The organization is conducted by in-depth analysis of aforesaid these issues and the related theory. In order to explore the cause of the problem of Zibo City, Firstly, the system has some design defects; the "Regulations" hasn’t define the administrative rights the Housing Fund Management Center in supervising and inspecting. There are no powerful and compulsory laws for the Housing Fund Management Center to make the relevant regulations in Zibo City, and it still is very tough to push the private enterprises to establish a provident fund system step by step. Four of the district is the housing provident fund management existence of regional management differences.The third part, Firstly to put forward specific measures to improve the housing provident fund management in Zibo City; Secondly, to accelerate the legislative process and innovate the operating mechanism of the fund; to implement the system and improve the livelihood through the combination of practical situations; to trace the overall progress; to promote the construction of fund information as soon as possible, and gradually accomplish the modernization of the provident fund management; Fourthly, to enhance their own awareness of risk prevention, and be strict to implementation of rules and regulations.Finally, concluding remarks.

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