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The Study on Zhaoqing Gas Company Lean Operationg Managemengt Pattern

Author NiYuZuo
Tutor LengShaoSheng
School Ocean University of China
Course Business Administration
Keywords Gas Company lean operation management mode
CLC F273
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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At present, our country is actively promoting to use clean energy and transformthe mode of economic growth to achieve intensive and sustainable development,which brings good opportunity to urban gas companies. Under the fierce competitionof external form and the pressure of continuously increasing internal costs, ZhaoqingGas Company starts to think about the value from the perspective of the wholeprocess and try to use the lean method to improve the management standard andcomprehensive competitive power.Basing on the capablization of refined team and the informatization of refinedoperation, Zhaoqing Gas Company’s design of refined management mode is to buildan systematic operation network with procedurized business process, standardizedbusiness operation, automated business equipment and qualified business service sothat to reach the goal of high-quality, low cost, high efficiency, low-risk andsustainable development.Firstly, the capablization of refined teamwork and the informatization of refinedoperation are the basis of the lean mode of management. The former supports to buildthe high-qualified personnel, while the latter helps to build the highly-efficientoperative platform, both of which highly support the lean management mode so thatto reach the goal of highly efficient and sustainable development.Secondly, procedurized business process, the standardization of lean operation,the automation of lean equipment, and the qualified lean service operating system arethe core of lean management mode. Procedurized business process clarifies the valuechain for enterprises and creates value for them. The standardization of lean operationguarantees the quality of the output products and service. The automation of leanequipment enhances the accuracy. And the qualified lean service guarantees to realize the value and even some extra service for customers. The lean operating systemmainly supports the lean management to achieve high-qualified and low-risk goal.Third, lean cost motivation and lean performance mechanism guarantee the leanmanagement system Lean cost motivation guarantees low-cost, low-input operation toensure enterprise; value of lean performance of a mechanism management. leanperformance mechanism drives to self-manage the value. Lean management system ismainly used to help to achieve the goal of low cost.In the future, Zhaoqing gas company’s attention in the process of applying leanoperations management model countermeasures are: firstly, actively create a leanculture; secondly is to improve and perfect the Lean management system,; and thirdly,to enhance the ability of sound management organizations, and to improve the level ofmanaging, and finally to realize sound and fast development of the urban gas industryof our country.

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