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The Research on the Housing Security Policies for Low-income Families in Lanzhou City

Author WuZuo
Tutor YaoYongPeng
School Gansu Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Economics and Management
Keywords Lanzhou city Low-income family Housing security policy The level ofhousing security
CLC F293.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Housing is one of the necessary basic needs for human survival, housing problems arerelated to people’s livelihood, our government must pay full attention to the problem becauseit related to the city’s economic development and social stability, at the same time, it canreflect the social equity and narrow the gap between rich and poor. Lanzhou is in the westernunderdeveloped areas, the level of its economic development is lagging behind other areas,which has a large number of low-income groups with housing difficulties. The housing pricesin Lanzhou are rising fast in recent years, so the housing characteristics of low-incomefamilies in Lanzhou are having a great potential demand but a little effective demand. Sincethe price earnings ratio of commodity housing is too large, the housing problems oflow-income families in Lanzhou are difficult to be effectively resolved through the housingmarket recently, so in order to protect the residents living power, the government of Lanzhoushould implement the different housing policy on different income groups.In this context, we research the housing support policies for low-income families inLanzhou. First we introduce the theoretical foundation and the related concept of the housingsecurity policy. Then through the collection, compilation of relevant literature, we summarizethe theoretical study of housing security policies from the domestic and foreign scholars andintroduce the advanced practice of housing security policies from the typical foreign countriesand domestic representative cities, which provide theoretical support for the study of housingsecurity policy in Lanzhou.Followed by extensive collection, analysis, summarized the relevant literature, we combthe development of the housing security policy over the years in Lanzhou, which is dividedinto three stages: the exploration and initial stage (1997-2005), the full implementationphase (2006-2008), the improvement and development phase (2009-present). By combingthe housing security policies and introducing the protect results of each stage in Lanzhou, weobtained the status of implementation of housing security policies are that, the government ofLanzhou attaches great importance to the housing security and implement the specializedagencies, at the same time the building outcomes of each type of affordable housing areremarkable.On the basis of analyzing the concept, characteristics and influencing factors on the levelof housing support, we build a test model on the level of housing support and select thecomparison city of Lanzhou to transverse comparison with it, then we estimate the level ofhousing support and analysis its moderate in Lanzhou, at last we evaluate the effect ofhousing security policy in Lanzhou innovatively from the moderate level of housing support.The results of the evaluation show that in Lanzhou the economic strength is poor and the level of housing support is low, although the level of housing support is modest, but the level ofeconomic development and housing security should also be increased at the same time, so wesay the effect of housing security policy in Lanzhou is general.Based on the evaluation results, we then analyze the main problems in theimplementation process and the formation of the problem in the existing housing securitypolicy of Lanzhou, we found that it’s lack of special laws for housing support in Chinacurrently, in Lanzhou the division of target beneficiaries in housing security policies lack ofreasonable, the source of the policy funds and land is not sufficient, the regulatory mechanismof the affordable housing is not perfect. Finally, on the basis of clearing the basic principleson the housing support policies for low-income families in Lanzhou, we proposed specificsuggestions for improvement from four aspects that formulating the special laws for housingsupport, improving the housing security policies supply system, improving the financialsystem and increasing the supply of land, improving the regulatory mechanism of affordablehousing.

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