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Research on Factor of Riding Behavior under Different Information

Author Guo
Tutor ZhouYan
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course International Trade
Keywords rider experimental economics social networks public goods
CLC F062.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The study of free-riding experiment has been an important economical researchtopic, with the methods of experimental economic, we can break the limitations oftraditional theory, it has became a new trend of economy. The study of free-ridingbehavior is very useful. it will help us to solve problems of optimal allocation ofresources, it will help us to study the balance of collective and personal interests, it isaslo the effective integration of behavioral economics, psychology, and publiceconomics. In this paper, we use the tool of experimental economincs, we find that themotivation of public free-riding is controled by a variety of factors, and verify that thesefactors led to the public free-riding behavior. During the experiment, we studyfree-riding phenomenon through two dimensions, the fundamentals of individualheterogeneity and the homogeneity of extrinsic controlled factors. We innovativeintroduced incentive and penalty mechanisms to the free-riding experiment. Specifically,we introduce the previous proposed concept of free-riding index, depicted many factorson the free-riding behavior. Frist, we generic z-tree software to fit our mechanisms.Then, based on microsopic theory, through the method of experimental economics, wecan perspective individual psychological trend. we used z-tree software forexperimental data collection, to verify the validity of the data, we do the reliability test,the results shows that the data can be used to analyze the free-riding behavior. Finally,we used ucinet Software to analysis the social network density, and we used eviews toregression analysis. We using a combination methods to analyze it. it was included thecomparative experiments and empirical analysis, we organize two types of informationmechanism of influencing factors.we rmake a regression equation of the free-ridingindex relationships with many relevant factors, and thus we can have a deeperunderstanding of free-riding behavior, we can propose an effective way to reducefree-riding behavior.Additionally, this article use psychological point to analysis free-riding behaviordeeply, we have already obtained a new effective way to control free-riding behavior, itis that we can make the information public and enhance the density of community socialnetworks, this discovery is very important to reduce free-riding behavior,it can make upfor the deficiencies of the traditional theory, it can expand the scope of application ofempirical analysis. This paper compares two types of information mechanism, thedifference in coefficient of the free-riding behavior, explore the intrinsic motivation offree-riding behavior, combined with the attribution theory knowledge, systematicanalysis the reason of free-riding behavior. provides a new method to solve this socialproblem. Meanwhile, it give us a theoretical support, the paper also proves that riding behavior from the side of the heterogeneity of the riding behavior, and make theanalysis of integrated factors up to a practical level.

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