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Studies on the Development Problems of China’s Securities Market from the Perspective of the Marx’s Theory of Fictitious Capital

Author WangZhen
Tutor ZhangHuiLing
School Henan University of Science and Technology
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Fictitious Capital Entity Capital Securities Market Countermeasures
CLC F091.91
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the rapid development of China’s securities market. Its impact on wholenational economy is greater and greater,but more and more problems exist at the sametime.So we need to introspect from the theory and practice urgently,as to servicesocialism market economy better.Marx is the first man that systematically expounded the theory of fictitiouscapital,and the theory of fictitious capita is one of the main components of Marxism-finance theory.Marx systematically expounded the theory of fictitious capital in hisCapital. Marx’s analysis on the theory of fictitious capital has a rigorous logic.Stocks,bonds,bank notes are all the forms of fictitious capital. Fictitious capital has thecharacteristics of fictitious,speculation,high liquidity,capital,derivatives and restoringthe prices. Fictitious capital’s sport state is a basis that the change of securities marketdevelops.In order to grasp the rule of development of securities market,announce theproblems existing in its development,we should analyze the connotation and operatingcharacteristics of fictitious capital seriously,study the standard development of China’sstock market exclusively. This paper pays attention to the combination of theory andpractice. This paper regards Marx’s theory as a guideline,through methods betweenstandard analysis and real example to study the development of China’s securitiesmarket.In order to reveal the intension of the virtual capital,this paper is set out toexpound the fact to fictitious capital with Marx,point out that Marx’s theory hasimportant enlightenment to the market economy and development of the securitiesmarket.This paper includes six parts. Introduction describes theoretical and practicalvalue of this topic, the domestic and foreign study trends, the main content of thispaper, the main study methods and innovation of this article.The first chapterexpounds the evolution process of the Marx’s virtual capital theory,morphology and characteristics of fictitious capital,analyzes the relationship between the virtual capitaland true capital,virtual economy based on virtual capital.The second chapter probesinto fictitious capital and its sport in the securities market,including price determiningand running orbit in the securities market, the operation rules of fictitious capital andentity capital. The third chapter discusses the development situation of stock market inChina.The development process of China’s securities market,problems existing inChina’s securities market, the analysis of problems to securities market of ourcountry.The fourth chapter discusses the countermeasures of healthy development ofsecurities market in our country.This chapter mainly expounds the countermeasures torational development of China’s securities market which regards Marx’s virtual capitaltheory as a guideline.The conclusion part analyzes the development prospects ofChina’s securities market.

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