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Research on the Thought of Sustainable Development in Pre-Qin Dynasty

Author LiTao
Tutor GuoJinNan
School Shanxi University of Finance
Course History of Economic Thought
Keywords the pre-qin dynasty the thought of sustainable Chinesecharacteristics economic transformation
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Since the first industrial revolution, less than300years, the rapid development of socialproductive forces, people’s material and cultural products have been greatly enriched, livingstandards have greatly improved. At the same time, the development of human society hasencountered unprecedented crisis, even human own survival was also unprecedented pressure: airpollution, rivers, stink to high heaven, forest vegetation decline, the extinction of species to emergein an endless stream, social polarization phenomenon. The emergence of these phenomena deeplydisturbing, and forced the people began to reflect on the former development mode, and put forwarda number of different from the past development thought. This time the idea of sustainabledevelopment as a member of the emerge as the times require. Since it was proposed in sixty orseventy’s of the twentieth Century, after decades of development, evolution, the idea of sustainabledevelopment has received widespread attention and widely spread to people, and gradually winsupport among the people.China has made great achievements after thirty years of rapid development. At the same time,the social economy has been the bottleneck of the development, resulting in many problems need tobe solved. The Chinese government also started the appropriateness of past development mode ofreflection, and Reflection on the development path of the next step. The idea of sustainabledevelopment comes out, has been paying close attention to. The Chinese government attaches greatimportance to the idea of sustainable development, has introduced a series of policies to promote.At the same time, the academic and theoretical circles will be the idea of sustainable developmentas a research focus, focus on a large number of manpower and material resources for research,produced a number of outstanding research results. Looking at the results of these studies, is theconcept of sustainable development in the popularization of a domestic industry, the idea ofsustainable development and so on, to our country ancient times especially in the pre-Qin period,the thought of sustainable development of the lack of research and summary. In this article,occasionally mentioned in ancient China thought of sustainable development, also is on a person, agroup of economic thought, as a part of a band before, not detailed enough, no system. Thissituation inevitably regrettable. In view of this, the author thinks: summary, induction, study of Qin Dynasty of China’s sustainable development thought and seek the development of present Chineseenlightenment, has very important practical significance.This paper is arranged as follows: firstly, defining the related concepts of the idea ofsustainable development, to analyze the generation and evolution process and its connotation andextension; and then to the concept of sustainable development thought as a basis for the definition,taking it as a theoretical guide, focuses on the sustainable development thoughts research Pre-Qinand its germination, and summarize the whole features; finally analyze the situation of thedevelopment of China economy and take the implementation of sustainable development strategy,and its significance in the pre-Qin period, the idea of sustainable development of the social andeconomic development in china.The main contents of this paper: the rich literature, the sustainable development thought in thepre-Qin China has plenty of germination, especially in the protection of the natural resources of theecological thought is more outstanding, have had a profound effect on that time and later socialeconomic development; because of the localization of Chinese sustainable development thought,influenced by the Chinese traditional cultural colonization, with typical Chinese characteristics, sothe sustainable development in today’s China ’s guidance, more practical, can learn from.

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