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Study on the potential China elements of economic growth, structural and Institutional Perspective

Author ZhaoKeYuan
Tutor HanBaoJiang
School The Central Party School
Course Political Economics
Keywords potential of economic growth elements of economic structure of economic economic institution
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2013
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Economic construction is one core problem of the basic line, and it hasbecome a hot topic for the scholars of enduring. China has got greateconomic achievement since the reform and opening policy thirty years agowhile its extensive mode of growth cost too many materials. It boosts thelabor-intensive industry by Demographic Dividend and the way of low laborcost, and it attracts domestic and foreign capital by preferentialpolicies as well as promotes social investment growth by actively fiscalpolicy and at the same time china has promoted industrial and agriculturalproducts primary processing industries, as a result all the policies boomthe economic and bring big pressure to the natural the environments andresources at the same time. Especially the external demand has declinedprofoundly after the economic crisis which brings long adverse impact onChina’s export strategy, forming a huge challenge to the domestic economysustained growth. China has stepped into a important time just as theTwelfth Five-year Plan point out that the time is a crucial time forChina’s Well-Off society construction, a critical time for the futurereform and opening, and a important time for the economic developmenttransformation. We all know that the development problem should be solvedin a eye of development. At present time China is confronting a seriesproblem such as labor ageing problem and constraints from environment andnatural resource which determine the time and space for economic structureadjustment and transformation of economic growth pattern in the futureyears, so it has become the focus of the society both here and abroad.Based on the above, this paper makes an analysis on the potential growthability of China’s economic to fine out how it will go in the followingyears using the macroeconomic theories. In the process of analysis this paper creates new ways for the growth potential analysis of economic. Thispaper begins the process from the analysis from the efficiency and qualitychanges of the traditional economic factors, then it transfer to the pointof economic structure to research the structure impact to the economicefficiency, after the paper go to the point of economic institution toexplore the effect of the economic institution on China economicpotential.This paper reviews the economic growth theory and the research methodsthrough literature review. In the third chapter this paper introduces theresult of China economic, mainly in the change of GDP level, GDP per capitaand the comparison of the economic achievement at home and abroad. We canget a objective understanding of the economic development in china.In the forth chapter the paper work out the growth contribution of theelements by a improved C-D Function. Based on this work we make the itclear as the following, labor force supply level and quality, the changeof demographic dividend, the amount and efficiency of capital input level,trend of technology progress and the impact on economic growth. Thepurpose of this work is to get an insight of economic growth of china fromthe element points.The fifth chapter creates a new a form to analyze the impact of economicstructure change. The paper decompose the economic structure in twodirection, one direction goes to the horizontal structure as regionalstructure and urban and rural structure,the other goes to thelongitudinal structure as the industrial structure according the valuechanges. The purpose is to make it clear the impact of economic structurechange in a view of Meso Economics.The sixth chapter focuses on the impact on economic growth from theinstitutional change process. This paper get a judge to the institutionalchange using PEST way,which usually used in strategic management, andtake the result as a consideration to the china economic growth potential. In the last chapter, based on all the analyses above, this paper givessome advices on the point of how to strengthen the growth potential ofChina economic.

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