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Research on Industrial Transformation and Upgrade of Resource-based Cities

Author ShiXiaoLiang
Tutor HongGongXiang
School Anhui University of
Course Industrial Economics
Keywords resource-based city industrial transformation and upgrade replaceleading industry
CLC F127
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The resource-based cities are facing the problem of resource exhaustion, thelimitation of resource restrain from the development of resource-based cities, citygradually reduce the need of resource in the developing process, search for a newdeveloping path. Maanshan is a typical resource-based city, irrational industrialstructure makes industrial transformation and upgrade necessary, the emergence of theproblem containing mineral resources shortage, environment pollution and so on thatpromote industrial transformation and upgrade. The resource-based city has a veryimportant influence on the regional economic development, therefore, researchingindustrial transformation and upgrade of resource-based cities and seeking for thereplace leading industry is very pressing task. Researching industrial transformationand upgrade has the universality, researching industrial transformation and upgrade ofresource-based cities has the particularity, particularity contains universality, soresearch the problem has the profound significance on Maanshan and the nation.This paper analyses the model of industrial transformation and upgrade and thedomestic and foreign typical cases, provides the thinking for Maanshan’s industrialtransformation and upgrade, provides the reference for making the relevant policy,after researching the current situation of Maanshan’s industrial development, I choosecompound mode for Maanshan. This paper analyzes Maanshan’s fourteen industriesby principal component analysis and grey correlation analysis, chooses the papermaking industry, food processing industry, transportation equipment manufacturing asthe replace leading industry that promoting industrial upgrade. This paper analyzes sixnew industries by AHP, chooses the new material industry and energy conservationand environmental protection industry as the replace leading industry that promotingindustrial transformation, finally puts forward the countermeasures of industrialtransformation and upgrade.The countermeasures of industrial transformation and upgrade containindustrial development plan, industrial policy and public service, it have instructionmeaning and reference value for Maanshan industrial development direction.

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