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Study on Dynamic Mechanism of County Economic Development of Jiaodong Peninsula

Author ChenQing
Tutor QinHong
School Ocean University of China
Course Rural and Regional Development
Keywords Jiaodong Peninsula County Economy Dynamic Mechanism EconomicDevelopment
CLC F127
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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County economy is the most basic unit in the national economic operation and isthe key of the coordination of urban and rural development. Therefore, to promte theproportionate development between cities and countries and enhance the nationaleconomy must pay attention to the development of county economy, take feasiblemeasures,broaden ideas, and constantly inject power for the development of the countyeconomy.In recent years, the county economic development of Jiaodong Peninsula is in theforefront of the countys of Shandong Province,and play an effective leading role ofthe province’s economic development.But compared with the county economy of thedeveloped areas,it still has a widen gap.At the same time,the county economy ofJiaodong Peninsula has entered the stadge of “industry nurturing agriculture and citiessupport countries”.There are some obvious changes in the developmentenvironment,mode,power and so on.Therefore,it is necessary to carry on furtherinvestingation on the county economic development’s status,issue and power inJiaodong Peninsula.The counties should comfirm the developing focus and takeprecautions to futher strengthen the county economy and make better the engime role inthe economic development in Shandong.This paper starting from the regional economics,the industrial economics,thedevelopment economics and the sustainable development theory expounds the basictheory of county economic development’s power.Secondly,it analyzes the presentsituation of the county economic development in Jiaodong Peninsula and understandsits development superiority and insufficiency.Then it makes a clustering analysis to thecounties in Jiaodong Peninsula by the software SPSS and understands the essentialfeatures of the different types of the county economy.Thirdly,according to the theory ofcounty economic development and the status of county economic development inJiaodong Peninsula,the county economic development’s power in Jiaodong Peninsuladivided resources,location,environment,scientific creativity, education, investment,market, policy, etc.And the paper builds the power model of county economicdevelopment in Jiaodong Peninsula by the vensim system dynamics software anddefines the main power and auxiliary power of each type of county economicdevelopment.Finally, based on the power perspective,this paper constructs the dynamic mechanism of county economic development in Jiaodong Peninsula and put forwardsome measures and Suggestions of promoting the sustainable development of JiaodongPeninsula.Scientific creativity is the largest in the power of promoting the economicdevelopment of counties in Jiaodong Peninsula by the study, whether with moredeveloped counties or the underdeveloped counties. In addition, different types ofcounty economic development have different main power.The first type of main poweris scientific creativity, foreign trade investment and education.The second type of mainpower is scientific creativity, natural resources and traffic location conditions.According to the analysis of the peresent situation and the results of the powermodel,the paper puts forward to construct the dynamic mechanism of county economicdevelopment in Jiaodong Peninsula,including the mechanism of optimized distribtionresources,the mechanism of sharing the location advantages,the mechanism ofprogress of science and technology,the education and talent mechanism, the marketoperating mechanism, the administrative management mechanism, the government andleader mechanism, the policy support mechanism,ect.Finally,the paper put forwardsome measures and Suggestions to narrow the gap of two type of county economicdevelopment in Jiaodong Peninsula and promot the sustainable development of countyeconomy in Jiaodong Peninsula.

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