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Research on the Economic Value Change of Arable Land Before and After Implementing Land Consolidation

Author YinShuai
Tutor WeiChaoFu
School Southwestern University
Course Management of land resources
Keywords land consolidation economy value of arable land income approach land areaincreasing effect production increasing effect value promotion
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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As a limited resource, arable land on one hand can ensure the food supply of a nation and maintain the social stability; on the other hand it must afford the space for urban and social development. Along with the rapid development of economy and urbanization, the conflict between humanity and land has become more and more intense. In the meantime, the issues such as arable land decrease degradation have aroused great challenges for the sustainable development of arable land. Because the arable land is a kind of public good, some economists would overestimate the value after arable land transferred into construction land and and underestimste the use benefit as arable land, which lead more and more arabe land transferred into non-agricultural land owing to the higher marginal benefits. Therefore, the key to procetct the arable land is improving the conomy value and make the society having rational understanding of how much economic benefit arable land can create and finally curb the reduce tendency of arable land. At the same time, with the disturbing land use situation, applying land consolidation projects in the whole nation has become an inevitable choise for the social development. The essence of land consolidation is coordinating the relationship of nature and socirty form the regional perspective and establishing a harminous human-land system. The purpose of land consolidation includes two aspects, first is to raise the effective arable land area, the other is to improve the nature and ptoduction condition of anrale land in order to enhance the productive capacity. At present, most of the research about land consolidation mainly focuses on the evaluation of economic benefit. Although this method operates easily, it is often influenced by subjective factors and the comparability is terrible. Taking the land consolidation project in Dashi Town of Hechuan District in Chongqing as study case, the income approach was used in this paper to estimate the economy value of rable land before and after applying land consolidation in research area. The change of arable land economy value was analyzed from the aspects of increase land area and increase production. Moreover, form the perspective of space, the change of gross economy value and economy value per hectar of arable land was also analyzed by using ArcGIS software. The main research results are as follows:(1) The gross economy value of all the28villages in research area is geatly improved. According to the statistic, the gross economy value of arable land in research area has increase from85,964,000yuan to96,661,300yuan, the increase range of which is12.44%. That is mainly caused by three reasons. Firstly, after applying land consolidation,67.22hm2new arable lands was created by combining the plot, which would directly increase the gross economy value of arable land. Secondly, the nature and production condition has been significantly improved, so the crop yield has also been upgraded. Lastly, the incease of plot scale, reduce of the arable land slope and establishment of effective road grid both guarantee the agricultural mechanization production, which can also relatively reduce the labor cost.(2) In the whole research area, the economy value of arable land per hectar has improved from140265yuan per hectar to142131yuan per hectar after applying land consolidation, the increase range of which is1.33%.Meantime, in some villages, the economy value of arable land per hectar has declined, the most serious one of which is Second Zhushan Village reducing from170689yuan per hectar to162378yuan per hectar after apply land congsolidation. Through analyzing the character of those villages, the main reason of this phenomenon is that the nature and production condition of those villages are much better than others, so in a short-term the economy value of the arable land can not improved obviously after applying land consolidation. Moreover, in the process of implementing land consolidation, the arable layer would be destroyed that will cause the crop yield decline in a short-term. However the economy value per hectar of arable land decrease in some villages, land consolidation plays a pivotal role in improving the economy value from the perspective of the whole research area. Addition to that, the observation period of the economy value change is not long enough and generally the effect of land consolidation projects would become obvious after implementing5years, so the decline of economy value in some villages is a normal phenomenon.(3) The land area increasing effect plays a much more important role than the production increasing effect in improving the economy value of arable land. The land area increasing effect accounts for88.11%of the economy value improvement, while the production increasing effect only accounts for11.89%. The main reason is that67.22hm2new arable lands could be created after applying land consolidation, which would improve the economy value directly. It also indicates land consolidation have a significant effect in increasing arable land area, relieving the conflicts of land use and maintaining the dynamic balance of the total amount of arable land. Though the improvement of economy value caused by production increasing effect is much more less, we can not deny the land consolidation play an important role in reforming the nature and production condition and improving the arable land productivity. Whatsmore, land consolidation is a long-term process, so the production increasing effect would play a much more important role from the long-term perspective.(4) The land consolidation has a much more obvious effect on the villages which has a lower economy value per hectar before implementing land consolidation. By comparing the economy value improvement of28villages, the villages which have a lower economy value per hectare increase sharply after implementing land consolidation. The most obvious one is the Eighth Shizi Village. The economy value of the Eighth Shizi Village is114231yuan per hectare which is the lowest in the whole research area, but the economy value of the village has improved to123749yuan per hectare, the increase range of which is the highest in the research area. Because the nature and production condition of the villages which have a lower economy value are usually puite poor before applying land consolidation. The soil and water conservation capacity of these villages has improved greatly through building the slope terrace and strip cropland. Addition to that, the construction of effective irrigation and traffic system has also reformed the production condition of these villages. Therefore, the economy value of these villages improved obviously than the villages which have a higher economy value before implementing land consolidation.(5) To improve the economy value of arable land after applying land consolidation should be from two aspects, improving the newly increased arable land potential and arable land productivity. In order to improve the newly increased arable land potential, the land consolidation project should combine with the settlement reclamation project and the scattered settalments should be moved to relatively concentrated settlements and the new project occupied area should be minimized. At the same time, to exert the economic output potential of arable land, the arable layer should be reserved during the process of impenmenting land consolidation and more importantly the land consolidation projects should combine local industries to make effective adjustment of agricultural structure. The land consolidation combining industrial planning can maximize the land benefits and promote the economy value of arable land.Overall, the economy value of arable land before and after applying land consolidation is estimated respectively in this paper. The change of economy value is also compared and analyzed. Furthermore, from the aspects of land area increasing effect and production increasing effect, it proves the land consolidation play an important role in increasing the land area, relieving the conflicts of land use and improving the productivity of arable land, which provides a basis for further promoting the economy value by implementing land consolidation and achieving sustainable development.

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