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A Study on the Aesthetics of Reception’s Usageto Chinese Reading Teaching in Vocational School

Author YuanJiangChun
Tutor WuZuo
School Guangzhou University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords aesthetics of reception vocational school reading teaching
CLC G633.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Chinese reading is directly related to the students’ Chinese accomplishments, and it influences the development of the students. Therefore, it is very important to develop good reading habits and reading abilities in the stage of high school. Nowadays, the students can’t and are not willing to read, so in order to solve this existing problem and better educate the students’ reading habits and reading abilities, we introduce Reception Theory to guide the Chinese teaching of the vocational school. We oppose "Duck-stuffing" type of teaching and Utilitarian type teaching measuring the reading effect by textbooks and standard answers. According to the reading acceptance, based on the relative acceptance theories like Blank Theory, Horizon of Expectation, Negative Propulsion Theory, combined the reading experience and reading reality of the vocational school students, we raise a new teaching model, which begins with cultivating the students’sustained reading interest, aims at promoting the students’ reading abilities and literature quality, and end up with enhances the students’self-educating. By this kind of model, the students can develop their initiative into full play under the guide of the teachers. It also enable the students to participate reading actively, connect their imagination with reading, reform reading by their innovative thinking, and finish the change from self-management, self-discipline to rebuilding of the outlook on life under the influence of the reading texts. This paper doesn’t totally repudiate the effectiveness of the traditional teaching, but wants to bring new thinking and learning teaching model to the reading teaching in vocational school by a new try and exploration.The author uses theoretical study, documentary study, relative lesson study and so on in this paper. It discusses Chinese reading practice in vocational school under the aesthetics of reception and the integrations of some relative operating program. It contains five chapters:Chapter One is the background, aim and significance of the idea using aesthetics of reception to guide reading teaching. It discusses the reasons of Chinese reading reform in vocational school and its effects. It also analyzes the significance of the new reading teaching, raises the moral significance of reading and the realization of one’s success to its mentality, and points out the reality and urgency of putting the idea into practice.Chapter Two is about the theoretical presentation of aesthetics of reception. It emphasizes three theories that can be used in the paper and their usage in reading. The paper analyzes the consistency of these theories and reading teaching, that is, the feasibility of the theory usage and reading teaching.Chapter Three is the significance of aesthetics of reception to Chinese teaching in vocational school especially to reading teaching. It analyzes the Chinese teaching and reading reality in vocational school and indicates the reasons, which states that using aesthetics of reception to guide reading is the demand of objective environment and the need of changing the reality.Chapter Four is the application of aesthetics of reception in teaching practice, which is the main part of the paper. It probes and analyzes the specific practice using aesthetics of reception to guide reading so as to show people how to use the theory. That is, under the guide of the teachers, the students raise their horizon of expectation by reading and the set circumstances by the teachers. It also can finish the replenishment of the blank texts by utilizing Text Summon Structure, and then deepen our understanding for the text and push forward the process of reading. Besides, the paper can finish Horizon Blend by the exchange and collision of the thoughts between the readers and the writers, and it may get a breakthrough for the writers. The paper materializes the theory by the practical cases.Chapter Five is the conclusion. It concludes that it is feasible to use aesthetics of reception to guide reading teaching in vocational school. It can sustain the students’ reading interest, improve their reading abilities and consummate the students thinking. The paper also gives some advice when the teachers carry out reading teaching.

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